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    Just picked my car up and the charge scheduler is greyed out, not sure why this is so, ZE services all seem to be available?



    crf – Have you spoken to Renault Customer Care? The car charging timer facility, as said by others, is nothing to do with R-Link/ZE (remote) services. I don’t use the phone app although my husband does and I use car charging scheduler all the time. It is pretty reliable.

    If you have a new car then you may need activated by ZE though to you can have full use of all your services…I can’t remember. So speak to them:-

    Someone else on another thread has also said he has greyed out part too and yet has been charging successfully until now.



    Yes, I have spoken with Renault, and they promised to activate the Z.E. services (in Slovenia) sometime in the next year.
    I am looking for an alternate solution until then at least.



    Hi crf did not realise you were not in the uk
    Is your home charger a polar with a key to turn it on
    If so if you plug your car in and turn the switch on does it charge
    Ive never had the lid off but if there are wires connected to this switch you could take the wire off one side to a relay then put a wire from the other side of the nomally open relay contact to the switch were you took the wire from .
    Switching the relay with your timer



    I am using the granny cable, pluged in a digital timer, pluged in a wall socket. This setup works fine when the car is still awake. The problem is, that the car does not start charging, after being left OFF for hours.(more than 10 minutes)
    But sometimes it does. It’s like 90% NOT 10% YES. And this makes it even stranger. 🙂



    Is it safe putting 10amps for extended periods through a timer?



    Ofcourse. Timer is rated 16A, and the charging current is around 8A. Granny is SLOOOOOW 🙂



    I no nothing about granny cables
    May sound like a stupid idea but sometimes stupid ideas work
    As your timer will probably not be double pole try unpluging your lead at both ends After charging then when you want to set up the car on the timer plug in at timer first then the car .


    Trevor Larkum

    crf, are both the timers in the car (the daily one and the calendar one) greyed out? I wonder if the calendar one might use the mobile connection but the daily one might use the car’s own clock.



    The main icon is greyed out. So I can’t even get to the calender and the daily one.

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