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    Would this mean losing access to all the present posts and threads?



    Can’t get into news thread so will have to use this one.
    Just had my 3 year service on my Dynamique Zen and MOT. Passed the last and nothing needed doing re the service. This after 20,871 miles of driving in and around hilly Sheffield. Interestingly, all original tyres still on bar the one that had an unrepairable puncture last year, and front brake pads only 30/35% worn. What a difference regen braking has on the wear and tear of conventional brakes. Also got a new free 12 volt battery as have others in this forum.
    Asked about swapping the main battery for the new longer range one coming with the re-vamped Zoe in January. My Renault dealers can do this (the car doesn’t have to go away on a flat-bed), but they have no info on this matter yet.
    In any case, because I rent the battery (no choice when I bought the car), it’s the rental people who have to be contacted so I will be doing this after Xmas. I can’t afford the brand new advanced Zoe (would if I could and would get the Mars red one) but can manage the battery rental, even if it means I have to pay the difference on the new higher spec.
    After just 3 years I’m finding that, in Eco mode, I can get 70-80 miles range at least in winter, and 110-115 in summer. Still don’t know how it will do in really cold weather (ie, minus 6 or 7 or lower) since the last three winters have been pretty mild.
    Still love the beast but am still astonished at how many people just aren’t aware that electric cars of any description exist, never mind the Zoe. Some of those that were more savvy still thought that only hybrids were available.
    Strange old world. And now we read of the breakthrough in super conductors which could theoretically give electric cars a range greater than ICE ones.
    Finally, and not being very knowledgable on the matter, could someone enlighten me on the difference between a battery and a super conductor?



    Agree it would be a shame to lose all the info from post’s to date, but this is the first time in about a week I have managed to log on so moving may be the only option.



    Site is working today, but varies from day to day. Some days very sluggish, others not at all.
    Would a change of site “cure” spam problems or are other sites monitored more closely?



    Site start up speed acceptable today.



    Until the issues are sorted here there is the Renault Zoe Owners Club for help and advise if anyone wants to join ….


    Trevor Larkum

    I’ve taken the opportunity of time at home this holiday to overhaul the website, and hopefully the slowness we have seen of late has been banished.

    Housekeeping done includes the following software version updates:

    Wordpress 4.6 -> 4.7
    Twenty Fourteen (theme) 1.8 -> 1.9
    bbPress (forum) 2.5.10 -> 2.5.12
    Contextual Related Posts 2.2.3 -> 2.3.1
    GD bbPress Attachments 2.3.1 -> 2.4
    Jetpack 4.3 -> 4.4.2
    WP-Mail-SMTP 0.9.1 -> 0.10.1
    Ad Inserter 1.7.0 -> 2.0.7

    I’ve also removed a number of unused and/or bloated plugins, deleted spam users and run a forum repair system. Overall things should improve considerably.

    Total number of files uploaded: 10742



    Big improvement tonight, good work Trevor 🙂


    Trevor Larkum

    Thanks for the feedback!



    I second that motion!
    Good to to hear you can revive the site, this is my first visit this hol and it is much improved. Many thanks and here’s to a new year of further exciting developments for Zoe in particular.

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 86 total)

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