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    Thought things had been a bit quiet on here, maybe will improve now 🙂


    Trevor Larkum

    Hopefully you’re all finding that the website and forums are all much faster now.

    Meanwhile I have been joined in Fuel Included Limited by Jo Pegram-Mills. She posts interesting news there and has also started posting here. She blogs about her ZOE, which she’s had for a couple of years, so you’ll get to read those posts. I’m sure you’ll give her a kind welcome – I’ve always found this forum to be the friendliest of places.

    If anyone on the forum would like to blog here too, just say. There is an open invitation, but it probably hasn’t been mentioned for a while. In particular it would be great to hear from anyone with a new ZE40 to learn if it lives up to its promise.



    Forum and website are working well now.

    Welcome Jo, I look forward to reading your blogs.

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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