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    As i am new to forum i just wonder if there is anyone out there who has managed to get their car. I ordered mine
    2nd Oct 17 and following several delays am now told it will be middle of March 18, this seems to have been an age old thing, and there has been many excuses none of which are true, it would seem Renault just can’t cope with the demand, has anyone managed to get theirs under 6 months? i have tried threatening to cancel but it made no difference, thank goodness i have sold my car that was going to be part exchange it would have been worthless by march. luckily i have a second car.
    I have lost the joy of getting it now it has been so long.



    I waited 5 months for mine – ordered April 2015, and arrived at the very end of October. 6 months seems to be standard now – if it makes you feel any better, I don’t know of any EV that DOESN’T take months to arrive at the moment. Hyundai Ioniq is 10 months plus!



    Hi. I ordered my new Zoe on 17 July 2017,delivery quoted for October 2017. Delayed twice and finally received delivery on December 19th. Discovered that the French government have ordered a large number of these lovely Zoe’s causing the deliveries to be put back. I now understand that new orders cannot be expected until late this year. When I got my car, the promised delivery was then for July!!



    I’ve just been chasing my dealer – ordered December and expected middle of May.

    Bit poor really – when I ordered my first one, got it in a few weeks.



    My dealer has told me to wait until March 19th when the new R110 comes out as apparently they’ve stopped production of the present models.
    The R110 has the same range but a better motor for faster acceleration at high speeds- keeping pace with the Nissan Leaf I think.
    However, as I’ve said before, there’s still a huge wait time due to the French Govt ordering 25,000 Zoes at the back end of last year. If I order a new R110 later this month, it’ll be at least the Autumn before I get it.
    (On another point, only in France are they trialling replacing older 22kwh models with the new 41kwh battery. Renault Finance have confirmed this. Pity. I was originally going to go for that option.



    Those with long waits for their cars have my sympathy, especially if promised delivery dates come and go without the car arriving. Been there.

    But sometimes an ordered car arrives far quicker than promised, and that’s inconvenient too. The replacement for our 2015 Zoe arrived not in May, as promised, but in time for the 1st March. This landed us with the problem of having to return our Zoe before the end of its PCP. The shock we got was that we could not, as originally agreed, use a part-exchange process.

    The Zoe, in good condition, full service history and less than 8,300 miles on the clock was valued as £0. The dealer wouldn’t take it because it was subject to a battery lease. We had to carry out the full return to RCI Finance with no help from the dealer whatsoever, not even a procedure to follow.

    RCI customer services were very helpful and the procedure was completed and the car taken away on March 1st. We now have the replacement.

    This is the first time ever a new car has arrived early for us, so it is a bit of a shock.

    So to all of you who are frustrated and/or inconvenienced by long or delayed delivery, you have my sympathy – but the opposite isn’t all good news either.

    Best wishes



    I’ve taken the plunge and ordered a new R110 but have been warned it will likely be the back end of September before it gets delivered. Will update later in the summer/early autumn when I hear more.

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