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    I’m into the 4th year of my warranty so used it to get a new spring on the driver’s door (the original one had broken resulting in a creak/crack sound when opening/closing the door); having the central armrest tightened up again; and having a new front bonnet logo/badge put on (plain chrome this time – not the blue film covered one which had got really raggy.).
    Irritating about the spring – the thing that ensures the door opens in stages with a greater resistance at certain points – but the chief mechanic said the springs were identical to the ones on the Scenic and they broke similarly.
    Still, as ever, the car goes serenely on, and as last year, I’m getting over 100 miles on a charge if I stay below 60mph.



    I’m of the opinion that my first Zoe had about 15% greater range than the present model.I believe that Renault changed​
    the motor in the second car, and instead of seeing sometimes a reading of 110 miles on a hot summer day, I seldom reach 90 now.
    Don’t think my driving style has changed,and the roads are the same. Doubt very much that at the end of the PCP, I’d be tempted to upgrade to a greater density battery,and may pack the whole experiment in.Sorry to hear about that spring, I’ve managed to cut my head on the sharp pointed door frame, and seldom manage to exit the car without switching the wipers on. Inherent design defects?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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