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    I’m currently deciding whether to order a new Zoe, which will arrive around December time, or to buy a used one to upgrade later once the new battery comes out. The old range will be enough for me, until January where I will need to make longer distance trips. Even if the battery upgrade doesn’t become available until early 2018, I’m prepared to wait, for what should be a really great car.

    Anyway, that isn’t the issue. I am young, and this will be my first car. Insurance is going to cost me £1400 anyway for a used Zoe, with a similar price for a new one. What I’m worried about is whether upgrading the battery will hike my insurance premium considerably. I personally couldn’t find any precedent to help me estimate what the price increase will be, so I would appreciate what your thoughts are.

    A reasonable estimate would be that an upgraded Zoe should cost a similar price to insure, as a new zoe with that same battery. But I’m unsure how “reasonable” these insurance quotes are.



    Is there not a kind of insurance with the battery, as your leasing it anyway, and they will replace it if faulty, but not obviously in a crash, kind of insured twice? Good point.



    The battery is covered by warranty for as long as you are hiring it, not insured, you need to insure for the value Renault quote in the paperwork.



    Yes I’m talking about the car insurance that any car needs to have, in case of accidents. It’s not as simple as the value of the car, as any modification to a car (even a paint job) needs to be declared to the insurance company, otherwise it would invalidate the policy.

    So I’m wondering what sort of effect this will have. I’m contacting some insurance companies about this today so I can pass on what I find out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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