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    If some experienced users could help with the following would be most grateful:

    #1) How do I update r-link, link the mobile apps and update tomtom maps, I’ve seen a few ppl talk about activation numbers for Z.E. Services, creating USB sticks, installing toolbox, a number of different websites. I’m totally confused about where to start remotely accessing the car or updating it.

    #2) I would like to purchase a dashcam but am unsure if its possible to have the cigarette lighter socket changed to work with the engine off (to allow parking/charging recording), or could I easily wire it directly into the car?

    #3a) I’ve read a lot of people saying the 17″ tires puncher very easily, but am struggling to find any exact recommendations for a suitable space saver (don’t really wanna rely on the can) to fit in the boot?
    b) Are punchers so much of a problem I should look at trying to swap the 17″ wheels for 16″/15″ and also benefit from the addition range they would give or that’s overkill?




    Welcome to the site!
    1. R-Link (including Tom-Tom) – take the SD card out of the car, and plug it into a computer, where you have the Renault R-Link software installed. You then go to the Renault website to check for updates, R-Link downloads them on your computer, copies over to the SD Card (and keeps a backup on the PC), and when you plug the SD card into the car again, it’ll offer to update, which may take a few mins.
    Mobile Apps – you install them from the Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iPhone) and they’ll update like any other app. Activation number is required when you buy the car, and should only be needed once.

    2. AFAIK, the lighter socket stays on for about 15 mins after you leave the car. It’s not permanent live, which you would need for recording whilst parked. There will be a live wire somewhere to splice into…

    3. a)I’ve had 1 puncture on the 16″ EV tyre. If you ever get to see one of these tyres off a wheel, the sidewall is so thin compared to other tyres, and soft. The tyre is also very light. All these must add up to more easily punctured tyres, but not much more. Surely the 17 inch tyre (which is not a special EV tyre) would be the toughest size for Zoe. I think Clio wheels fit your car if you get the right size. I don’t bother and just carry the repair kit, and a pump.
    b) How much would it cost to swap? How much ‘fuel’ would it save? How much does that ‘fuel’ cost? I bet it would take ages to get back the money you spend ‘downgrading’ your wheels.



    Hi & Welcome,

    1. First of all you need to register with Renault your Vehicle info and your personal info here:


    Once you have registered you need to download the Rlink tool Box to you PC on page 2 of this link


    To safely remove your SD card from the car touch the + at the bottom right corner of the home screen (small map should be showing) and touch safely remove SD card

    The download site on your PC will ask you for your SD card serial this can be got from you Rlink tool box you downloaded, there is a button to copy the serial on the tool box app and you can paste it into the update site that is asking for it,
    When you log into your account of the Rlink store you will be prmopted if you have downloads that need downloading, If there is follow the information on the screen to the page where it will show you what there is to update ie: TomTom, EV Charge Spot, Rlink System (Mandatory).
    Make sure you tick the boxes you want to download
    Before you click the download button, this is where you need to make sure the Rlink tool box is up and running you downloaded, If it is you need to insert the SD card into your pc and you will see it get recognised in the tool box, Let is do its stuff and when it says ready go back to the Update page and click download, This will automaticlally start its process.
    The Rlink tool box and Update site need to be running together or the updates will not download,
    As with any updates do “DO NOT UPLUG SD OR TURN PC OFF”
    Once the download is complete your tool box will say 100% and finished you can now remove the SD card and pop it into the car again.
    Once back in the car watch the monitor and let the updates complete it will reboot the rlink system a few times this is normal.
    It will inform you when done.

    2. I have a dashcam but not live when socket shuts down about 2 mins after turning car off, Fuse box is in glovebox maybe get a feed from there?

    3. Recovery to a tyre repair centre is included in the recovery service, Zoe is extremely heavy due to the battery pack, you would likely have to carry a trolley jack to lift it !!



    Zoe is extremely heavy due to the battery pack, you would likely have to carry a trolley jack to lift it !!

    Hey, you’re going to give ZoE body issues! She’s not that heavy! About 1.5 tonnes I think, so she’s the size of a Clio, but the weight of a Megane, say.

    No trolley jack required either, a normal jack is fine, jacking points are there and everything. I rotated my tyres halfway through my 2 year lease to keep the wear even and it was a simple enough job.



    When registering on the https://gb.rlinkstore.com/home website it asks for the follow, I believe this is where I got stuck last time.

    R-Link Serial Number *
    You must provide a value for Vehicle MUID.

    Any idea where I can find this? Thanks.



    Don’t appear to be able to edit my post 🙁

    But the software you said to download on page 2 (here https://gb.rlinkstore.com/RLink) is that the R-Link or R-Link2 software.




    It’s R-Link 1 we’re still on with Zoes for the moment. R-Link Toolbox is what you’re after when you’ve logged in, and think it’s under ‘Tools’.
    The serial number should be provided by your dealer, in a letter. If you don’t find it in amongst your paperwork, chase them for it!



    Thanks @takerhandy – Is that something they can do over the phone (give me the serial)?



    They should be able to if you’re able to speak to your individual salesman if he has it to hand – mine actually emailed me a photo of mine at the time before I even had the car to get registered. Do check all your paperwork you got with the car as it could be in there somewhere…



    I’ve looked through what I have but can’t see it. I bought the car used not from a Renault dealership so there’s no ‘sales person’ as such to get back in contact with re the car. I have a visit to the dealership booked in a couple of weeks, I guess I’ll ask then.


    Before I leave you in peace, a last question about the air freshener etc, the 2 small removable blocks from the dash unit that have the fragrance, is there anything wrong with soaking them with more liquid after they’re used up? I’m going to ask about refills when I visit the dealer but thought some DIY might be as good and cheaper 🙂

    Lastly, the air ioniser, can anyone tell when its on or off? I’m just wondering :p

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