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    Hi a quick question. I have had my Zoe now for about 2.5 years and in December last year the battery ceased to work, nothing worked on the car and renault took it to be repaired – I can’t remembe what it was that was wrong with it but it was a rare issue and the part was replaced. Moving forward to this last week my car hasn’t been charging so well – on average reaching about 48 miles on a full charge. Tonight the same problem has happened – fully charged but dead and a dodo. Renault are collecting tomorrow and giving me a courtesy car so I’m not concerned as my main deale is great BUT has this happened to anyone else?? We have been thinking about replacing it for the longer range model and now are 5inking more seriously about this. What are your thoughts



    This happens when the 12V battery is failing. It is replaced after 3 years according to the service schedule; maybe yours is failing early.

    Otherwise, there may be a device which is not shutting down properly which is flattening the 12V battery. If you have a meter, you could check the voltage on the 12V battery; it shouldn’t be below 12V, but can be up to 13.8V or even over 14V if charging



    I have had a flat 12v battery every winter since I have had my Zoe 2.5 years had it last week for the first time since last winter . Check electrical system even had it when the car goes into snail mode . Caused because of my very low mileage
    So as I do not like to leave the traction battery above 80%
    I use the car charge scheduler and set a time that has just past and press select then plug the charger into the car .this keeps the 12v battery in good health without charging the traction battery .and I have a trouble free winter (hope again)
    Just remember to select charge anytime .when you need to charge .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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