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    Correct but it is not completely accurate that your car requires Self Leveling lights and head lamp washers.

    EU law overides the UK law and there are MANY cars with HID’s but do not have Self Leveling and Washers, which are legal to drive in the UK.

    It makes for an interesting argument on the outdated DoT regulations…..

    Without getting into the in’s and outs of legality, it is not legal.

    I do ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ for a living but I will leave that up to your imagination.



    Im not trying to have a go, there are 4 things that would worry me about doing this

    1) ALL insurance companies are trying to get out of paying anything these days. this would be a great get out clause for them. My friend works for the police at an inspector level, that persons car was stolen without the keys. the insurance company took 12 months to pay out even after having the keys FORENSICALLY inspected.

    2) If someone could successfully prove your light blinded them then the liability could be transferred to you even if it wasn’t your fault.

    3) It would void your warranty, like insurance companies, car manufacturers will try anything to get out of paying.

    4) my headlights already mist up without modifying the covers. again if the light pattern was impeded anyway that made the vehicle unroadworthy then another can of worms.

    Its not about casting the first stone its about driving around with the knowledge that your legal. I spent too many of my younger years taunting the police and now I like to sleep at night.

    No offence intended.x




    No offence taken, sorry for my response earlier.

    However, I realise and accept I SHOULDN’T have these lights on my car, but the law is wrong (ad I can still be pulled over).

    Our cars have the correct projector type lenses to run these lights.
    It is not compulsory to have self leveling head lamps and washers (self leveling head lamps do not adjust to general road conditions while driving, it’s merely for loads…etc).

    There are a number of cars that exist on UK roads with HID’s and without the supposed required extras to go with them.

    These are allowed as EU law states they are acceptable which overrides UK law.

    I believe the DoT needs to review their outdated laws as light technology along with everything else is changing rapidly.

    I have had no complaints from the lights, so it will be interesting if I do have an accident at night, however my lights were so shockingly bad previously it was probably more likely to happen if I didn’t do something about them.
    I also contacted Renault about my condensated head lights and how it severely affected my night driving but they weren’t really interested.



    Mate. You are not right. Your lights are not legal. There is no such thing as EU Law overriding UK law. You are eligible for a ticket for the lights. It’s as simple as that



    I didn’t say my lights were legal.

    You are incorrect.

    European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) and that over-rides UK law

    This is why we have cars made abroad which have HID lights fitted without the levelling and washer system.
    So if it’s good for them why shouldn’t other cars have it?

    Evo 9 is a good example. HID lights with no extras….



    It’s about homologation. If s car was designed and build for the uk market then it is required to have washers and self levelling. If you come here In a car from the EU and that origin doesn’t require it, then fair enough. A Zoe however designed for use in the UK market needs them.

    The ECWVTA has precious little to do with it, not least because a vehicle needs a certificate of conformity from the VCA which will be done at a regulated facility. If it fails, no certificate. It’s mainly for imports

    There is no EU road traffic law that ‘overrides’ UK law and there is no need to be talking about the ECWVTA.

    After market HIDs with no washer or levellers = A defect for which a fine can be issued.

    The purpose of the washer is to prevent light scatter. The purpose of the levellers as you have already said is to counter a load (passengers).




    I completely agree with you.
    I’m not trying to start an argument merely pointing out that our laws need updating as I said earlier.

    Yes I should have self leveling lights and washers as per the law.
    However the law is outdated in my opinion, otherwise we have a significant number of cars on the road which the DoT categorise as dangerous and illegal…… Which is not the case.



    I know you’re not matey.

    Road Traffic legislation and safety is part of my bread and butter. Personally (and this is just opinion of course) I think the requirement for the washers to prevent light scatter and levellers to prevent glare needs to remain as it is



    Sorry to revive an old post.. but how on earth did you get round the mounting of them (tried an LED bulb, a decent one may i add) but the retaining clip that goes over the halogen bulb to twist it in isn’t compatible with any HID or LED conversions.

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