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    As the title says :
    I was reading the owners handbook and was a bit scared of taking my Zoe for it’s first car wash at my usual hand /jet wash station. I’ve always used the jet washer on non EV cars and only ever had a bad experience with the roller car wash system, so never again.
    How would you recommend to wash your Zoe please guys and girls?



    Used the roller system once with no problems but, like you, don’t trust the things not to mangle a wiper or whatever sooner or later so avoided since.
    Used our local jet wash station many times – usually with the car in start mode so as to use the air-con/heater etc – with no problems whatsoever. The Zoe seems to be well insulated against water ingress.
    Hope this helps


    Trevor Larkum

    Yes, a local spray wash station did a good job with mine, no problem – though I suspect it was the first electric they’d had.



    Thanks guys, I initially did a hand wash myself at home but then I put my big boy pants on and went to the jet wash and all was OK. I came back home and a couple of coats of polish later, the car looked better than I picked it up. Thanks for your advice guys.

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    The blue film on my charge flap started flaking which I blamed on the jet washing and I now protect it with a plastic bag during washing. It was replaced under warranty.



    There is a recall on the Renault (diamond) logo and if you take your into your local Renault ZE dealer, they will replace the front rear logos with a plain chrome one under manufacturers warranty.
    I had mine done a couple of months back.
    Even if your vehicle is out of warranty they should replace it free as it is a recall, from my understand. Check with your local dealer.



    Sorry – should read “front and rear logos”

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