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    Hi, my name is Job Joling from the Netherlands and I drive a Renault Zoe Intens, bought in summer 2014.
    This christmas weekend I made a distance record. A 400km roundtrip and charged 3 times at a fast charger (44kW).

    Currently I am developing an alternative software tool for the ZE service app.
    I will make it available as an online web service and Windows application.
    Any input about extra functionality and wishes would be appreciated!

    My goals are:
    – A better ETA for charging completion since the current app only gives an update once in 30 mins.
    – A better interface and more reliable (the app crashes many times)
    – A online competition in efficient driving.
    – Some statistics
    – Maybe a connection with Google Calendar to automatically heat the car for every appointment.


    Trevor Larkum

    Welcome, Job. The app sounds like a great idea.



    Hi, I’m Julia from the same home town as our Keymaster, Trevor. Hi Trevor!

    50 yrs old, quite often an early adopter of tech though also a traditionalist (MacBook and a fountain pen, Zoe and a Morgan(!) that sort of thing).

    I work in Milton Keynes so it’s a 23 mile commute each way, mostly down country roads. I was keen on the EV option ‘cos of a big take up of chargers in Central MK, so I can charge during the day and park for free. Given all of this I’ll have a lovely new car and will be making a profit on the deal – what’s not to like?

    Collection is on Saturday and home charger being fitted today.

    I’m already getting hints and tips from eh forums, so thanks for the site!



    Hi Julia & Welcome
    Recognize you from RZOC, roll on Saturday eh 🙂


    Trevor Larkum

    Hi, I’m Julia from the same home town as our Keymaster, Trevor. Hi Trevor!

    50 yrs old,

    Hiya, and welcome. I’m same age, and commute every day from Billing, Northampton to Wolverton, MK (about 20 miles). I gave up on the A508 route years ago because of traffic and now go cross country via Brafield, Goldington and Haversham.



    If I were that side of town still I’d do the same but I’m in Duston so it’s easier to go Blisworth/Stoke Bruerne/508 than Towcester/A5. Quicker too!

    I’m gonna write to the Borough council – can’t understand why we’ve no chargers in the town and they own the car parks at St Marks, Mayorhold and St Johns so could easily do something about it!



    Hello my name is simon just ordered my Zoe, not my first taste of Renult EV as I am also a proud owner of a 2012 Twizzy been told it will be deliver in April can not wait first ever brand new car, will be looking through the forms as I found the Twizzy owners forum invaluable



    Hi & Welcome Simon,
    Congrats on good choice of new EV, Yeah the forums are great for help with issues and query’s, think you will find this one is more active than the Twizzy forum.



    Hello I’m Martin, I must say what a nice friendly forum this is, I started my EV obsession/madness in the winter of 04-05 I’m on my 8th , 9th & 10th electric vehicle at present , Most have been bought as projects or for conversion.
    My profession was in the Motorcycle trade until I sold my own business and retired in 98.
    Hoping to join the club properly soon with a Zoe but haven’t found the right deal for me yet.



    Hi Martin & Welcome,
    You will have a good grasp of EV technicalities then with a history like that 🙂
    Have you test driven a Zoe yet?

    Have you had a look at Trevor’s (site owner) fuel included deals?

Viewing 10 posts - 361 through 370 (of 391 total)

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