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    I haven’t driven one yet but I have seen Trevor’s site , What would be ideal would be a new or used 210″I”.



    I’m thinking of getting a Zoe but have a few concerns:

    How does the car cope with potholes? Both from a comfort and durability perspective?

    What happens if the car is left unplugged for 4 or 5 weeks and not used eg if away working or holiday left at long stay etc. Does it have a deep sleep mode?




    Hi & Welcome @greenfintry
    Fintry reference Dundee?

    Zoe copes well with pot holes in the sense its about the same as other cars cope, can’t comment on durability if you hit a lot of holes, but as with any car try to avoid them.

    When leaving Zoe for longer period general feeling is not too low or too high a state of charge and all will be fine, 50 – 60% would be fine.

    The cars systems shut down in stages within about 15 mins of locking.

    Zoe’s a great car, if you haven’t already take a test drive and you will buy. 🙂




    I am Stephen from Sale in South Manchester. Looking to get a 17-plate Zoe next March when our Audi Q7 goes back. We have been looking at small electric cars for over 12 months now and have test driven both the i3 and the Zoe. Two of my friends have an Outlander and i3 respectively, the latter being lent an i8 for a few days as his i3 was delayed, so I have been in an i8 too.

    The i3 is great but is pricey for what it is. When we investigated lease costs it was going to be similar to our Q7. Crazy!

    So we have decided on a Zoe as it ticks all the boxes. It’s got to be in black as it looks mean.
    The wife will probably use it as a local runaround but I will also use it for my 60 mile commute.

    We have already had a British Gas charger installed for free on the basis that my friends Outlander is one of our company vehicles. We got our solar panels in January 2016 just before the tariff change.

    I can’t wait to go electric and would get one earlier if the wife would let me but that would mean a fourth car which is probably excessive!



    Hi @cooper1997
    Welcome, I used to live t’other side of Manchester in Ashton under Lyne.

    You probably have a good grounding on EVs with friends that own them and company car, however there are many questions that come to mind before and during ownership, so this is the right place to find answers.



    Hi Trevor and all.

    My name is Ariel and live in Crowthorne.
    I am about to become an owner of a Zoe (Dynamic Rapid) next week .

    As I am newbie to the whole ZE concept, need your advise how to start my new (green) life ?!
    Already ordered a charging point (by Chargemaster) to be install at home and ordered a Ecotricity card.
    Any other cards you recommend to have ?

    Is there any specific requirements for the insurance ? or is it just as any other car ?




    Hi and Welcome Ariel
    Good choice with the Rapid, assume you intend to do longer trips in the Zoe.

    Use Plugshare to decide which other cards you need, click on charge point your likely to use and see which card is needed.

    Unless your Zoe is the i model (battery included) you need to insure battery as well as car, get your insurance Co to state battery is also covered, your finance doc should show battery value for insurance purposes.

    Also recommend for more Zoe info, there are also insurance discounts available there.



    Thank you for your reply


    Trevor Larkum

    A good place to start is to do a forum search on insurance – many have been happy with Admiral but ‘other companies are available’.



    Hi all

Viewing 10 posts - 371 through 380 (of 396 total)

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