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    Trevor Larkum




    Good morning!

    I’ve previously been an EV driver having had a Leaf for a couple of years, but due to a change in work chargepoints have been in the dirty diesel for a while now :-(. However, I’m considering getting back on the EV wagon and the new Zoe is looking like the best option for me both due to size and range, so seriously looking into my options for this at the moment. I live in Yorkshire and travel over the hills to Manchester every day, so very much missing the nice relaxing drive of an EV on my commute.

    Hoping the forum will be a good source of info and may have some questions, so thought I’d introduce myself.



    Hi all,

    My name is Marcel – I’m from Denmark and finally got my first EV – a Zoe.

    I working on reducing the amount of CO2 we produce, and the car is part of this journey.

    I hope to learn more from all you guys on how to get the most out of the car.


    Trevor Larkum

    Welcome dr buffer and marcele! You’ll find this a friendly place for all things ZOE.



    Hello there,

    A first-time EV owner here – our Renault Zoe arrived yesterday, to replace a much loved but woefully inefficient 1991 VW Golf automatic! The info on this site has been really useful in making the decision to go ahead.

    The Zoe is a bit unusual – the previous owner was Renault UK which first registered it in April 2013 but it’s only covered 152 miles and is still like a brand new car. The paperwork shows that it was first delivered to Renault UK in November 2012, so I guess it must have been a press or demo car (it’s a Dynamique Intens with the pearlescent white and 17inch wheel options).

    Goodness knows what it’s been doing all this time but it had a major service a few days again (with the 12V battery being replaced etc.) and has been faultless so far…

    Being an early car it still has the beige reflective dashboard – I might see about getting that replaced. Renault customer services have already been very helpful about reactivating the long expired connected and interactive services.

    Best wishes,


Viewing 5 posts - 381 through 385 (of 385 total)

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