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    Interesting item in Sprectum IEEE mag 12.19 on What Renault then Head of EVs Herron said back in 2013 to me in Belfast.
    “Zoes problem is Dirty Electricity.”
    It would appear that switched mode power supplies, whereby we greatly reduced the size by getting rid of the transformer, send harmonics into the grid as we use them to power and charge our devices.
    Solar fed into the grid also contributes to the problem in terms of Power Quality, measured in terms of frequency stability voltage stability and harmonic distortion of voltage and current.
    When we come to attempt to charge Zoe, and fail, is this a contributating factor? Was Andy hinting at this 7 years ago.?



    I paid a man to take an Earth Impedence reading on his expensive meter 234 ohms. This is 34 ohms above the official power company standard figure of 200 ohms, arrived at historically before EVs.
    Some say anything above 100 ohms is “Unstable” Does anyone know if Renault suggest a reading that Zoe would take a charge at and not display BCI?
    I’ve seen readings as high as 500 ohms in Rural areas.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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