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    That’s why I was asking if it was very warm where you are, if battery pack temps are very high during charging Zoe can use aircon to cool the pack, during moderate temps it will just use the fans in the pack.

    This is where Zoe outdoes the Leaf as they are prone to overheating packs due to lack of active cooling.



    Hope this may help others…Renault Garage just rang me and said they need to order a new “compressor pump for the aircon”? on mine. Im hoping my noise will be banished after this replacement. Also hope this news will help others in future if they hear the same noise. The mechanic said he had never ever heard one sound like ours. My only annoyance is the car was bought Saturday and the service book is ticked but i have three problems: the noise, wheel balancing out at 60mph and aircon doesnt get cold. What are they actually checking when servicing these cars if they missed three things, cant all have developed as faults since Saturday… not good start with my Renault relationship 😁



    Played video through my hifi, and think you could sell it to a wrapper? All I hear is load clicking and a voice, could it be the sound of something winding up?
    Still having polar home charging problems here, which involves a noise coming from the car charging socket during attempted charging.This noise is a cross between a chattering relay, and arching. OPity the contacts are not copper, but cheap aluminum.
    Certainly the only noises I hear on driving Zoe, are the pedestrian warning noise under 20 mph, and the heat pump, / heater/ air-conditioning.



    The noise and non working aircon are almost certainly related.



    @reboot – I recently fixed Trevor’s Polar charger which had high contact resistance on the relay driving the contactors, causing them to chatter and overheat, eventually welding themselves shut (i.e. permanently live!). I replaced the relay, contactor, and incorrect capacitors (not related to relay fault).

    Is your car OK on another charger? Can you try another car on your charger?



    Sorry to resurrect… I have a similar issue. My Zoe has just had it’s fan assembly replaced (5 months old) and when charging I now get a shorting sound… does anyone have any ideas… the tech thinks it’s normal, but it is coming from the BCB which isn’t cooled???



    The high pitch whine is normal, but it is the arching / shorting sound that worries me!



    The BCB is giving the following error codes. Dealer says it is normal… not really buying it!

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    Hi JamesEV,

    I have been experiencing EXACTLY the same noise. The issue only happens on one charger, and yes that would be my charger (EVSE).

    Please can you tell me if you have any more information, have you found a fix? I have been lent a large filter box to try out. A quick test revealed it did help, but only at very low charging speeds.

    Do you have an email address I could discuss this with you on?

    Many thanks



    Just an update, it’s been almost a year exactly since I bought my Zoe. Things I have learnt about the arcing / buzzing noise whilst charging is:

    – If the pilot signal is dropped, so that the power consumed by the car is reduced, then it stops making the noise completely, upto 20amps is usually fine (tested on single phase without line filter connected). If the noise is allowed to continue, the charge is often restarted upto 3 times before the car decides it cannot charge.

    – It matters not which phase the car is charging on, it can be any of the 3 phases, or all 3 phases at once – it will create the same noise on my supply around the same current setting. This means it is easier for me to use a 16amp pilot and charge at 11kw over 3phase. However sometimes the noise is not there at all, even at full power, although i stopped trying it as it is not predictable.

    – It also happens at a couple of other charging stations, one of which is a local tesla destination charger in a pub which is wired in remarkably thin looking SY cable. This happens every time, the only exception is when the battery is very cold and doesn’t draw the full power. It also happens at a couple of the Polar rapids at hotels that I have used. Also an ecotricity “free” post at Leicester forest east, which is repeatable every time, although sometimes worse than others (other loads perhaps)

    I have heard another car making the same noise at leicester forest east.

    The property that I charge the car at is fed by a large slightly over-sized pole transformer, and the only other premises to be served by it is a house with single phase feed only.

    The volt-drop when on load is minimal and within specifications, i do not have measurements to hand though.

    The transformer is brand new, it was replaced just prior to me getting the car as part of a network upgrade.

    The feed to the charger is quite long (serving the building). The earth system is TT on a dedicated rod for the charge point.

    There is suggestion that it relates to harmonics through the power line, but who knows. I spent ages googling, but i don’t have an oscilloscope.

    What I do know is that Only Leicester forest east charger has left me unable to charge, and it was easy to nip over to the other side where it worked. I now always have the pilot much lower than where the noise would form when using my charger.

    I also have a power line filter that was kindly given to me, this does seem to have an effect on reducing the noise and allowing a higher current.

    I know the OP got rid of his car, rejecting it because of this, but other people must have come across this issue. I’m guessing most people don’t have the issue severe enough for it to cause termination of charging, and don’t notice the noise – my wife didn’t.

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