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    Trevor Larkum

    After five years, 30 million miles and £2.5 million pounds worth of free travel – Ecotricity will finally begin charging electric car drivers for usin
    [See the full post at: Major changes in Electric Highway as revolution continues at pace]


    Trevor Larkum

    A bit of light relief (from the SpeakEV forum):



    As an Ecotricity customer you might think I would be smug about recharging for free, but any advantage I might have is more than offset by communication anxiety.
    Will there be a good ‘phone signal?
    Will I have enough data allowance?
    Will the app work?

    For goodness sake Ecotricity provide individually identified swipe cards for your customers at least!



    The main ecotricity chargers I have used have been on the motorway and always seem to get 3/4g at least but I suppose comes down to networks etc. I have had more problems trying to use chargemaster app as they tends to be off main roads, so ended up getting a card for them



    As a new owner of a Zoe I read with interest this post..

    I had to laugh when I read the following…. A rapid charge of up to thirty minutes will cost £6, still significantly less than the equivalent cost of a petrol or diesel car…

    Unless I’m mistaken My Zoe can travel on a motorway about 80 miles on a full charge.. This would cost £6 on the electric highway to charge my car.

    My 13 plate Ford 1.6 Diesel does 65mpg at motorway speed with the fuel at £1.10 per ltr this equates roughly to £5 for 65Miles.

    Therefor 80 miles in diesel would be £6.15

    HOW is a £6 charge cheaper, and SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than £6.15.

    As far as I can see this charge is a rip off… A fair price would have been between £1 and £2 for a Charge.

    Would love to hear from the company where they got their vastly inflated price point.


    Trevor Larkum

    Actually, watfordmale, it’s worse than that. If you have a new ZOE, and it’s not the Rapid version, it would take 2 charges to fill up – so E12.



    Thanks I didn’t notice that £12 for two charges… I sent them an email and received a reply that they are looking again at their pricing model, so perhaps they have realised going from free to £6 might hve been a bit harsh.

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