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    Ok, I’ve been driving Zoe for 4 years and had a 40Kwh since May, so you’d have thought I might have got around to this sooner 🙂

    Did a 140 mile round trip from Maidstone to Hemel Hempstead, so M2, M25, M1.

    The car estimated its range at 182 miles, and I came home with 36 left, so it was out by 6 miles. So quite an accurate estimate really. I suspected it would have been closer if I hadn’t hacked the last 10 or so miles and I really can’t be bothered to run it right down to nothing just to see what it really does get.

    However, what I think made the journey do-able is the congestion on the motorway – on the way to Hemel, I crawled along at no more than 30 miles an hour, and quite often a lot less and on the way back, about 8 in the evening, so presumably after the rush hour, the fastest the traffic went was 60 miles an hour. Which is the about the maximum you can do before it starts to really burn the juice.

    It really wan’t until nearly home did I switch off the eco mode and give it the beans.

    As to the eco mode, I’m not sure how much it saved – it stopped the car doing over 60 and prevented those momentary 40 to 70 KW blips which made the car feel sluggish. Would have to do the journey again in normal mode, in similar temperature and weather conditions to see how much range was left.


    Trevor Larkum

    Well done – that’s not a bad distance to achieve with the ZE40.

    Of course, I’d be too polite to mention that time I managed 142 miles with the ZE 22kWh!

    ZOE Keeps Her Promise 3: 142 Mile Range (228km)

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