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    Can’t believe anyone would want to give up on a deal like that.



    It is amazing nowadays how people find what you say irrational. I believe they just cant bear to accept their unfortunate choice or so. This is a post since 2016 and Renault has corrected zero issues with ZOE.
    Your list can take much more right? This case is dangerous.
    – Terrible driving position
    – No good access to mirrors (when compare to many other vehicles)
    – Dashboard reflection is extremely terrible and I wonder how did they manage to pass this through – it was designed during cloudy days I guess. Extremely dangerous

    Dangerous reflection

    Fixing the Renault ZOE’s Windscreen Reflection – Part 1

    How ridiculous these are since 2014 – LOL – 2019 and still the same ongoing problem with a dark mat dashboard. Ridiculous company.


    Trevor Larkum

    Zekeu, the original pale dashboard was replaced with a darker one. My own ZOE went in to the dealer and had its dashboard replaced. So I think Renault believes the issue is fixed.



    My experience of my Zoe is:
    Drivers seat – very comfortable, and I’m 6ft 2in, (and recall a What Car reviewer saying it was better than the seat in his Mercedes)
    Windscreen reflection – reduced with the darker material, but I keep a pair of polaroid sun-glasses in the car. These are really effective.
    Mirrors? Seem fine to me. But would like them to retract automatically when you have got out and have locked the car. At present you have to turn the switch, meaning you can no longer see behind you (using the mirror) before you get out.
    Tyres. Never had a puncture over the last 6 years except via the usual nail/screw type.
    Sat Nav – TomTom I think? Always seems to work and is slightly better at judging when you need to be told to turn than on our petrol Seat.
    Heating and air-con. Acceptable.
    Lights – ditto
    In any future Mark 2 Zoe, I would like to see (hear) a quieter fan. Remember the old Rolls-Royce joke – the noisiest thing was the clock? Well, when you make a virtually silent electric car, the heater/fresh air fan is then noticeable.
    And, on any poor surface (plenty in Sheffield), or on concrete, I would like tyre/road noise to be better suppressed. Yeah, I know this is a common issue with hatchbacks, and the Zoe is better in this respect than our Ibiza, but it should be addressed using the latest, best materials.
    Any other area that readers would like improving?

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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