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    I am leasing a Zoe I got in March 2016 and I am now debating whether to buy it outright or not as I’m coming to the end of the HP agreement: it seems to be cheaper than leasing a new one & I’ve heard there is a very long waiting time for new Zoe’s (unless anyone can tell me differently?). My lease will be up in June leaving me without a car that I have come to really enjoy using. The reason for my post is that the battery is currently giving me only 60 miles on a full charge, and this has been the case for the last year. Should Renault just be replacing the battery for me as I rent it separately? I’m not sure what real world mileage I should be getting after a full charge with a 2016 reg Zoe. Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks, Simon.



    Hi. You’re right not to order a new Zoe as I placed my order in March (to replace present one) and was told to expect its arrival in late September. (A R110 incidentally). Blame the French Govt, says my dealer, as they ordered 25,000 Zoes last December and that has stretched the assembly and manufacturing base.
    Re battery life: as I understand it, when the rented battery capacity falls below 75% they will replace it free but only the dealership has the software to ascertain if that percentage has been reached.
    My 22kw Zoe (bought in Dec 2013 and now on 30,000 miles) is still giving me a summer mileage only a little below that of when I bought it. I’d be interested to know your mileage?



    Hi Simon,
    Sounds like you Zoe needs the BMS update especially if it takes more than ~ 30 – 40 mins to get that last 1% from 99% to 100% ……



    Go with Mo ,after BMS update/ software download, reluctantly eventually carried out by dealer I’ve gone from 60 to 100 miles, battery was fine three years on.Be interesting to know how much they ask as a final payment.

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