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    We have a 2016 Zoe Dynamique. I was charging it earlier today (3/8/19) and noticed that, as I disconnected the cable from the charging port, a fan started up under the bonnet, creating a loud whine. I opened the car door and got in to find the aircon fan blowing hard into the cabin. I turned off the A/C and the noise stopped. This has happened once already; anybody had the same experience of charging setting off the aircon fan?



    My 2018 Zoe 40 does this for a few seconds after charging,( a bit longer in really hot weather), unlike my 2013 Zoe 22. After I had owned the earlier Zoe for just over 3 years, the air con failed due to a broken or fractured joint. It was under the then 4 year warranty so done free but what was interesting was the comment by the dealer that he hadn’t realised that the aircon unit was under the car at the back behind the traction battery. The dealerships senior electrician explained that the aircon unit was there to cool the battery (as well as the interior of the car) when needed and did the former automatically.
    Whatever, it all quietens down after those few seconds/minute or so.
    Having read today of electric bikes bursting into flames, I’m glad Renault have covered this eventuality. I also read of an electric Smart car setting fire to itself and wonder if this car’s battery didn’t have the link with its aircon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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