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    Just got the car back !! Ooooh what a difference !!!! Absolute silence !!!! After chatting with the Service Manager, the actual repair is:- Pull down head liner at the boot and there is a spot weld on each side of the roof about 4 inches back from the tailgate. These two welds pinch the roof liner, so the solution is, a punch and a big hammer and whack the two welds to reshape them and then bingo they dont pinch the roof liner and click anymore !!



    So its not a weld fix then…. its a fix to an existing weld.



    Oh my, I wish I didn’t know that, the thought of my lovely car being hit with a big hammer 😀



    Just back from the service center. Still nothing on there problem in the Renault system (Slovenia). And they assured me it is one system for all countries. When they add a fix in France, every service center sees it. So is this fix in UK in another system?

    Thank you NeilMackay. That could help. But I don’t understand it completely. Could you explain a bit more.
    “Pull down head liner at the boot” That is at the back seats, right?
    “4 inches back from the tailgate” 4 inchs in what direction? From the tailgate hinges?
    “These two welds pinch the roof liner” But the roof liner is soft? Where is the clicking sound from?

    Thank you all. I think I will have to solve this problem alone, or a t least supply my dealer with exact instructions.



    Hi crf, you have to pull the headliner out, ie the roof liner to expose the inside of the roof! There is a Renault Technical bulletin that has been issued by Renault, so any dealer should now be able to access the official fix. You wont be able to do this yourself !



    There is a Renault Technical bulletin that has been issued by Renault, so any dealer should now be able to access the official fix.

    Unfortunately this does not seems to be the case. And I can not do much about it, if my dealer can’t find these bulletin.
    I am just trying to instruct them myself.

    Thank you for your help!



    Id goto another dealer !! I’ve seen the photos of the fix on the Renault Bulletin ! It was literally released last Wednesday, as they repaired the car and had it back to me the next day ! Email to me from my dealer………….

    Renault have now released a technical bulletin for spot welds in the roof. We need to drop the headlining and carry out a modification to the spot welds in the roof.



    Had my Zoe just two weeks and tailgate creaking also – perhaps more to do with the body flexing slightly over uneven ground? Took it to my dealer who (naturally) couldn’t replicate the creaks but has now been ‘educated’ into the problem. They finally are on the case per their email:

    Good afternoon Mr. Evans,

    I Have forwarded through your emails to Renault UK support staff who are looking into this case.

    Reading through your email communications, I have spoken with the RTE (Renault Technical Expert) on site here and he has checked the closed access technical bulletins boards. He’s found a note regarding the tailgate creaking complaints to which it is advised to contact the techline for assistance which is now in hand. It appears this is something which has not been made aware to the network as yet as a possible OTS covering certain fabrication dates for this model?

    It is good news at least and we are getting somewhere now, I will be in touch again once we hear back from technical services.

    Kind regards

    Aaron White
    Bodyshop Estimator

    1 Crofton Road, Orpington
    Kent BR6 8AB
    Tel. : +44 (0)1689 308 016/7

    I’ll keep this updated for other Zoe owners encountering the same problem.



    My rattles turned out to be a slightly loose bonnet catch, noticeable by putting your finger just underneath the bonnet and giving it a nudge upwards. Clickety clickety!

    Real solution: Adjust the catch mechanism down a fraction, so that the bonnet is pulled down against the four rubber dampeners that are supposed to stop that from happening. If you know exactly how to undo everything without breaking anything or of course take it to your dealer 😛

    Easy solution: Black electrical tape (the rubbery insulating stuff). 1 or 2 winds around the loop on the bonnet lid. First time I shut it with 2 winds it didn’t catch right, but it squished the tape flat and second time it shut fine. And no more rattle 🙂

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