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    The creak from back is the plastic bits mounted to inside of bottled that the parcel shelf cord connects to.

    Bottom edge where it sweeps around bottom of windscreen there is a gap, and the panel is designed to move to stop squeaks presumably but instead it leads to creaks. Wedge in a folded bit of paper on both sides and the noise is gone. I posted this fix ages ago.

    Don’t think I ever took a pic though, so I’ll do that today.



    Thanks Sandy – Picture would be awesome.



    The noise I and it seems huwwatkins has is not a creak Sandy its a definate metallic/hard plastic click. All of that trim had been removed and driven without it, plus no rear seats or quarter panels and the noise still persisted.

    The improved tailgate has been great too.

    Thanks for the other info though 🙂



    I think I’ve sorted most of my noise. When you open the boot lid. Between the two hinges on the cross member above the glass there are 3 plastic grommets. I pressed each one and they all made the clicking noise. Took them out. Drove home and 90% of the clicking has gone. There is something else in there making some noise that still needs to be looked at but its much better.

    I’ll probably put some silicone on them and put them back at some point.

    I’ll try and get a photo tomorrow.



    Pic of offside, boot lid up my finger pointing to the exact location you need to install some folder paper, not too tightly packed or loose, just enough to hold firm but allow vibration movement but no noises.

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    I have the noise too – will check out the great suggestions.



    I thought I would post the latest news on the ‘clicking’ I had from the rear of my car.

    As a recap the noise appeared shortly after I purchased the car and has been very difficult for the dealer to sort. Basically the whole rear of the car has been stripped of its seats, all rear interior trim at least once and tailgate hinges removed and refitted to try and find the source of the noise, but to no avail. It seems to be gone when the dealer did the test drive but as soon as I drove home on the bumpy undulating roads where I live the noise would reappear.

    One evening I was putting the car away and when I closed by tailgate quickly I heard the noise…. It was a bit of a eureka moment. I was able to replicate it and got it on video. Once the dealer had that they sent it off to Renault France to get their opinion on what it may be. Renault France came back and advised they currently had another Zoe with the exact same problem but worse in that the noise was persistent all the time. They were using that Zoe as their working model for a fix.

    I had a call from my dealer in late October to advise that a fix has been found and were ready to finally get my Zoe fixed, unfortunately I couldn’t take it in until 21st November as I was away on holiday. The problem is due to a faulty weld in the rear of the roof where two parts join. This has now been sorted and it feels like a different car…. I am so pleased I persisted with getting it sorted and not just accepted and lived with it.

    They also fitted a modified tailgate catch which eliminated the low speed chattering of the tailgate which apparently is a very common issue on the Clio too.

    Have to say my dealer has been excellent in getting this sorted for me and admitted that it was ‘totally unacceptable’ and vowed they would get it sorted for me. Their communication throughout the process has been really good and genuinely seemed to care.

    I can now finally enjoy Zoe to the Full 🙂



    Congratulations and well done. Faulty welds doesn’t sound good. (pun unintended)



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    We have the same noise on our car – i’ll follow the steps and see if i can locate it.


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