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    @nora6672, could you get this (how to identify and fix) instructions for the rest of us? My dealer has problems fixing this, also.



    well it’s driving me mad (have to give @harters all the credit as he was right) and will drop it at a Renault dealer to let them sort it out and otherwise i’m going to reject the car.



    Thank you



    Oops, not all of the message posted….

    Once it’s gone you will be amazed how different the car will feel. It’s such a ‘light’ noise but boy is it annoying. I am very lucky to have such a great Dealer.

    Hope you all get sorted soon.



    Was there any evidence of the welding? If so can you post a pic… might be able to identify cars that need this fix from the work already carried out.



    The welding was up in the rear three quarter/roof area underneath the headlining so it’s not visible. I have not seen photos I am just pleased the job has been carried out.

    The fault is now logged at Renault and any dealer can get access to the repair solution.

    Basically if they haven’t done any welding they haven’t fixed it. This isn’t to be confused with any kind of trim rattle or squeak.



    Just got my car back and although they said they were confident they’d fixed the creaking it gradually returned after about 5 miles, time to start sticking stuff under the plastic trim I think.



    Little update, my dealer rang me Tuesday to tell me theyve fixed the car! I only got to speak to the lady on thr service desk, however she told me the garage blokes had said the noise was coming from the roof, passenger side, soooo im hopeful they’ve eventually got in touch with Renault and done “the fix”!

    They did however break a few clips whilst putting the interior back together which were on back order untill today, so should have it back tomorrow, with fingers crossed, no more noises!



    That great news, hope all goes well with the pick up tomorrow 🙂



    That’s fantastic news !! I have advised my dealer that a second Zoe that appears to have the same issue as mine has now been repaired, so there no excuse for them this time !! Without actually obtaining the fix direct from Renault myself, I cant do a great deal more to point them in the right direction !!!

    By the way @ nora6672 I don’t think they will get the plastic clips separately, they only come with the panels! I’ve been through all this with my dealer (when I broke a clip looking for the pesky noise). Obviously its their problem, but it may take longer than a few days to get them……..You can however go onto ebay and buy a bag for a fiver and have them “in stock” for them as you will never get the panels back in without break at least one or two!

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