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    I have a 2014 Zoe that I’ve owned for 18 months. About 3 months ago it stopped charging partway through charging on a 7kW public chargepoint. Having tried it several times at other chargepoints with no success I had it recovered to a Renault dealer. With advice from Renault Technical they diagnosed a failed air conditioning compressor, which they replaced, but they were still unable to get it to charge. They then replaced the main fuse, still no charging. Renault Technical have now diagnosed a fault with the onboard charging unit and a wiring harness fault. This has all been done via remote consultation with the dealer, Renault Technical haven’t inspected the vehicle. They have offered to pay for the wiring harness, but the bill for replacing the onboard charging unit (parts and labour) is about £2800 on top of the significant costs already incurred for the air conditioning compressor and main fuse.
    I like the car, but it seems excessive to spend this much on a 6 year old car, and based on their diagnosis to date I don’t feel confident that this latest suggestion will actually fix it. Any advice?


    Trevor Larkum

    Chris, sorry, it’s not an issue I’ve heard about before. Is the dealer ZE certified, i.e. capable of properly diagnosing and maintaining an EV? If not, actually even if they are, maybe try a different dealer, as big as possible, to get access to a good technician. I’m wary of any remote diagnosing.



    This happened to our 2013 ZOE in January 2018. Fortunately I had extended the warranty, but there was still the possibility of me having to pay for parts not included in the warranty. In the end it was done at no expense to us, and our car had a shiny new onboard charger (and a few other bits too). I suspect that all ZOEs from this era will be prone to this failure, but at least ours now has a later version charger which will be less prone (hopefully).

    Unfortunately, they go through a routine replacing parts until they get to the right one (obviously trying the cheapest first when under warranty). However, you are not then credited with the parts replaced needlessly beforehand. I’m sure that this is true of all car manufacturers, but there is less of a knowledge base for electric cars. Renault don’t seem to share information between dealers as much as one would hope; several times I’ve reported faults (which are common according to the forums), but Renault always say they have never heard of the fault before.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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