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    My charger was fitted in July 2013 (although the ZOE didn’t arrive until October). It now has a red warning light each time I unplug. I then need to power cycle the unit to make it work again. An internet search shows that others have had this problem and that it is likely to soon lead to total failure. I have found 2 BG pdf documents stating that there is a 3 year warranty on the unit, so it should be replaced without problem.

    I have contacted Chargemaster, so watch this space.


    Trevor Larkum

    Good luck! Mine was installed in July 2013 too. It seems to work fine – but has certainly become noisier recently, which has me a little worried.



    I suspect that it’s the capacitors in the switch-mode PSU, which powers the communications circuitry inside the charger. Repairing these is a speciality of mine, so I’m hoping that I can investigate it when they come to repair or replace the unit.

    In the meantime, I’m turning the power off at the trip between charges.



    I’ve just spoken to Chargemaster (01582 399414), and they were very helpful. The problem has been handed on to the technical department and they predict an engineer visit within a week or so. I am now waiting for a confirmed date.



    If my charger’s capacitors should fail and Chargemaster cannot provide an engineer more rapidly than ‘a week or so’ perhaps @andyfras could sort mine out? Salisbury is not that far from Fleet! (many’s the time I’ve used the services there for my expiring ICE car).



    I have an engineer coming this Thursday (5th Nov) at 7 – 7:30 am. Hopefully he’ll let me have a look at the replaced part so that I can work out the cause of the problem and fix it when it breaks down again (when it’ll be out of warranty). If so, I’d be happy offer the repair service to others.



    Lucky you!!! I reported my dead Charger unit on Saturday morning and I’ve just been advised that I won’t have a visit until Monday afternoon. They’re not willing to come all the way to Scotland just for me!! I’m having to wait until they can schedule other visits.

    I’m only 50 miles from Edinburgh (north) and you’d think I was in the outback!!!

    Rant over.



    The technician arrived at 7:00 this morning and was gone by 7:30. He replaced the entire unit, but unfortunately that meant that I didn’t get to see inside it, as it has to go back to the workshop with seals intact.

    I asked if this was a common fault, and he said it’s the first he’s seen.

    Hopefully this one will last more than 2 years.



    I’ve started to have this fault now too. It’s been very wet here (no flooding just saturated ground) so I thought it might be related.

    Anyway, get a red light every time the charging cycle finishes and need to reboot (off and on) to get it working. I was told by BG to call chargemaster too and as you stated they seem to be helpful. Just waiting on an engineer to replace the unit now. As everything it outside I suspect they can do it when I’m not home.

    I’ll let you know ho I get on. Hopefully it will get an additional 3 years cover – just under 2 years doesn’t seem like a great lifespan.



    I’ve since seen a photo of the insides of this unit, and as I suspected, there is a switch-mode PSU with several capacitors, which are susceptible to failure after this sort of period of time.

    Most warranties date from the original sale/installation, so I suspect that the replacement unit will only be covered for the remaining time (less than 1 year in my case). Although I’ll be quite prepared to replace the capacitors (with better quality ones) when the time comes, I’m now turning the charger off at the trip when not in use, in order to extend the life as long as possible.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 35 total)

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