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    I know there are other threads on this (and one very long one) but having owned our Zoe for a year, with minimal issues (had this error once before but it was short lived), we have now got the dreaded STOP Electric Failure DANGER message, followed by the ‘Check Electrical System’ message.

    It happened after a particularly cold night a couple of days ago – it was -5C. I did approx 55 miles in the car the day before and charged it normally. We’ve had no problems at all with our wall charger.

    The R-Link screen is dead too. The heater controls don’t work either, though the interior lights are fine and the car locks and unlocks. The wipers work OK.

    So far I have done the following – and the error still persists:

    – Locked the car, left for a few minutes, unlocked and started it (it has 95% charge currently).
    – Reset the range using the two pedal method (it didn’t reset)
    – Restarted our charger from the Consumer Unit
    – Tried charging the car from the wall point with it either locked or unlocked
    – Tested the 12V battery voltage with a multimeter – reading was only 12.2V (Low)
    – Disconnected the 12V battery and gave it a full charge with my 8A battery charger. It now reads 13.4V
    – Locked, unlocked, connected charger etc.

    So – my question is, is there anything else I can do to perform some kind of full reset? Obviously I’ve already disconnected the 12V battery to charge it, but on reconnecting it, it appears to have simply “remembered” the state it was in before I disconnected it.

    Are there any fuses I could pull and reinsert – bearing in mind the R-Link screen is dead and won’t turn on?

    Would it be a good idea to drive it round the block to see if that somehow rectifies it? When it happened before my wife was driving at the time – and she stopped, pressed the start button to turn it off then on again, and that reset it. I haven’t tried this yet after getting up to speed – although I have driven it back and forth on the drive and tried it in the dark.

    Whilst it may be inevitable, I’m trying to avoid having to flat-bed it to the dealer after reading stories of parts on back order etc – especially if some kind of simple reset will fix it. We use the Zoe daily and it will be a right pain if we are without it – especially having to grapple with Renault Customer Services for a refund of fuel costs if they give us a petrol or diesel….

    Can anyone offer any advice on things to try? Any help would be much appreciated – including which dealer would be best to send it to (we live 10 miles west of Leicester – I’m thinking Renault Birmingham..).



    Hi Dave
    Sorry to hear you have this issue, seems you have tried all the things you could, mybe have a read of this threadm but sounds like next step is dealer.




    Your battery still looks low to me
    Ive had the red stop electrical failure warning would not let me go over 19mph .
    My battery was low now i leave it pluged in with a soc of less than 80% as i can go nearly a week with out using the car .this keeps my 12v battery at over 14v



    Mine’s also come up with the Stop Electric Failure Danger error – not been used for a week.

    I quite often get the orange ‘Check Electrical System’ message when its very cold – which I suspect is to do the 12v battery as a quick drive always clears it.

    I’ll put it on charge and see if that sorts it.



    ….2 minutes later. The faults cleared. I had briefly put it on charge for about 5 minutes half an hour ago, and that hadn’t cleared the error. Its obviously now decided it has.



    If you set your charge time in the car to say 10am when it is 10-30am then plug into your charger it will keep your 12volt battery in good condition . Your car will not charge until you change this setting . You can use your app to preheat or charge .
    Once you have charged you will need to set the timer up again.
    Kept my car 12v battery ok last winter only had trouble with orange / red warnings when i did not do this .no problems since starting to do this again
    Hope it helps .



    Hello guys!
    We are a trading company in Cyprus
    We have recently added two Renault ZOE in our company fleet since September 2018. The cars were bought in excellent condition and with very few miles (15450 and 9540). Both of them bought from an approved dealer from UK.
    Lately, we have been facing several issues with both cars, such as warnings for “Electric System Fault”. Three weeks ago, on one of them we got a message “Stop Electric failure – DANGER” ( please see attached image) , and the car was barely moving at a speed of 5-10 mph. A few days ago the same thing happened to the second one.

    Our chargers were bought from /evonestop.co.uk.

    The main issue is that the Cyprus dealer does not have the capability to support Zoe. Do you have any idea how can we fix the problem? is it something serious?

    thx for your reply!



    I recently had this warning and Zone went into “Limp Mode”, really scary.
    I managed to stop and rebooted the car.Its been OK so far, the dealer wasn’t too interested in doing anything, the car’s still under warranty. The only unusual thing recently was that I updated the software as required by Renault, but that’s only GPS relate AFAIK.I’ve read of this happening to others on this forum, but it Peters out like many subjects.



    Hi Guys
    I suggest you do what i did get rid of the car/s ASAP
    before you can’t give them away

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