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    I have just purchased a 2015 zoe (August)
    This morning i charged it to 99% ,this was as far as it would charge.
    The range quoted was 56 miles.
    I drove half a mile and parked for 35 minutes.
    When i returned to the car the range was 42 miles.
    Not sure if the bms has been done.
    Car has 51,000 miles.
    Anybody got any advice?



    Trevor may be up to date on this, but a software update carried out by the dealer (reluctantly) did bring my range reading up front around 60 to over 90.
    The whole range business is based on how you drove last time of course and is a computer guessamate.


    Trevor Larkum

    I agree with reboot, the displayed range is entirely an estimate (and is usually pessimistic, less so after the update). What matters is only what range you actually achieve. Try it out at a steady speed on a long run if you can. Otherwise a pretty good real-time estimate (better than the dashboard one) is to look at the longer term mpkwh reading once you’ve been driving at least 20 minutes. Multiply it by kWh remaining (e.g. if it’s 3.5 kwh and you’re at 50% then your range is 3.5 x .5 x 22 = 38.5 miles). I would hope a 2015 ZOE would get 60 miles in cold weather and 80 in warmer weather. You should certainly preheat it if you need the range.

    Also, how long did you leave it at 99%? That’s when it does cell balancing and if it hasn’t had much chance to do it, it can take some time (certainly over an hour).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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