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    Hi, I purchased a 2016 zoe on Saturday which i was told had i 150 mile range as it had a electric motor update ( not a Zoe 40 ) but every time I charge it the full charge only says 82 .. i know it would never say 150 as iv already read posts about it.. tried reseting all the trips which is what Renault told me to do.. my problem is that one one trip we would like to do is 74 miles round trip with no fast chargers on that route.. we drive the car in eco mode with a good driving score of above 8.7 all the time. I could do with it being nearer 100 miles charged not 82 … what do i need to do…



    You need a charge point @ home on economy 7 overnight rate, around 8p/ unit, (kwhr), if you haven’t already got one?
    I never believe the range reading on the Zoe, as it’s taking into consideration how the car was driven on the previous trip etc.As previously posted my second Zoe, with Renaults motor doesn’t appear to have as good a range as the original 2013 model.
    Come the winter you can expect to loose a further 20% range due to the cold.



    Your Zoe has either a 22kWh or 41kWh battery. If it’s 22kWh, let’s call it a 90 mile summer range. If it’s the 41, let’s call it 170. Change that to 60/130 respectively for the two batteries.
    As well as the 2 batteries, there are 2 motors. The original one, made by Continental, and the newer one, made in-house by Renault. The Renault one can only charge up to a speed of 22kW, whereas the original Continental one (known as Rapid these days) can charge at 43kW (at a rapid charger of course). The Renault in house one is meant to be more efficient, as you seem to have been told, but we’re talking 5% max.
    If you’ve been sold a 22kWh Zoe as having a 150 mile range, that simply ain’t gonna happen, you’ve been mis-sold.
    If you can find a 22kW charger on your route anywhere (approx 1hr for approx 90% charge), you can do the journey winter or summer with no worries.


    Trevor Larkum

    but every time I charge it the full charge only says 82

    The display is always pessimistic, for obvious reasons – you should get another 10-20 miles on top. What matters is what range you’re actually getting – how is that looking? After a long drive you should be able to calculate from the remaining battery charge what total distance you could have got (just ignore the display).



    When you say, “remaining battery charge” where is that.
    As time moves on,I think a very basic EV1 type car, with minimal display would be a welcome innovation, or is that a Kango van? I’m


    Trevor Larkum

    Reset the A/B trip meters each time you charge and then monitor how much charge you have used. The available is 22kWh so you can work out what’s left. For example, if you have used 17kWh and your mpkwh is 5 then you have 25 miles range left (though the display will say it’s less).



    Thanks Trevor, think this is the way to go, assuming there really is 22kwhr to start with, tricky to measure.



    So the update your speaking of is the BMS update, which some older 22kwh Zoes have been getting recently, mine included.

    Before the update the car would have been showing 72miles on a full charge. The BMS update puts the Q210 more in line with what an R240 would show. 82miles is both pessimistic and optimistic dependant on your driving. If its mainly town/country lane its pessimistic. If its fast road its optimistic.

    If you drive slowly you’ll get way over 82miles. If like me your tanking up and down fast roads daily then mid 70’s is closer to the truth.

    Although I pick up on what your saying about “150 mile car”, The Q210 was advertised as 130miles, the R240 is 149miles. The newer 41kwh models are over 200miles, based on NEDC. In the real world aim for no less than 75 in summer, or 65miles in winter and you won’t go far wrong.



    Sandy, as you say, you won’t go far wrong, and you won’t go far on 65 miles in Winter, that’s about the same as a Twizzy in Summer.
    On the other hand the BMW I8 has a range on battery of 24 miles, before the Mini engine kicks in at the rear.And all for £100,000.
    Watch this space, it may be Chinese?

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