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    Our Renault EVSE “Granny” cable will be redundant after March 1st 2018 when we say goodbye to our 2015 Zoe Dynamique. The obvious thing is to put it on eBay, but before I do that, is there a channel within this group for finding it a good home?

    Despite frequent appearances of the orange spanner no fault was ever diagnosed and our Zoe never let us down.

    Thanks to all the various contributors who have enriched our knowledge and made the Zoe experience more enjoyable.



    Trevor Larkum

    Sad to hear your ZOE experience is over! This forum, as you’ve done it, is fine for selling this kind of thing.



    Hi Fred Bristol,

    If it’s still available and is a type 2 connection on the car side, I would be super interested in your granny cable.





    I have an OpenEVSE granny cable available; totally ZOE compatible.



    If anyone is interested I’ve just posted a 12m granny cable on ebay:

    Really enjoyed my two years with the car but “moved on” to not owning one now.



    Me 2



    Fred if you give me a price and contact details, we can just get on with it.
    Sorry you are going, I almost did but will try to buy my Zoe out in Aug.
    This robot sign in is tedious Trevor?


    Trevor Larkum

    > This robot sign in is tedious Trevor?

    If you mean the captcha when you login then I’m afraid it’s been the necessary solution to all the spam we were getting. You should be able to set it to remember your details so you don’t have to do it often.



    Thanks, Trevor will do hello Fred?



    Peng and Anfyfras, I would like to dee if a Granny cable would sort
    out my home charging problems, ongoing for several years.
    The Polar charger is a nightmare, although I suspect living with a rural mains supply doesn’t help.
    If I open the car before connecting the charge lead, I get BCI,just opening the charge port with the key doesn’t set this off.
    If the car does start to charge, albiet with a grinding noise,the display stays on and charging stops after a few percent, only to start again on opening the drivers door. If this reboot/ door sequence is repeated, I may get a charge, but at 5am its no fun.
    Charged master never called back
    This fault renders the car unable to charge in the street as BVI continues.
    Maybe I’ll follow Fred,?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 26 total)

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