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    Interesting! I don’t think it will change our decision to let the Zoe go at the end of its PCP but what put us off originally was the line in the contract which stated the maximum battery lease period was 72 months. In addition to another 3 years of battery lease the £7000 + GMV made the Zoe pretty expensive to write down to zero after another 3 years. The depreciation curve just doesn’t make sense.

    How long is the warranty on a battery bought off lease at 3 years old?



    Welcome back Fred, Interesting battery buying deal.
    Being me, I recently asked RCI if I upgrade to the bigger battery, ( I don’t intend to, just a thought experiment), could there be a possibility of me keeping the original battery I think I paid for twice, with two PCI Zoes.I wanted to experiment with the old battery in the workshop.
    There was a long pause,never been asked this before, so the default answer was NO.
    I’m​ also think of hanging it back at the end of this year having been particularly tortured by the Charging issues, no reply from the home charger bloke,and the oxymoron of the “Dealership”


    Trevor Larkum

    Interesting news – I think it would be a good thing for everyone if Renault finally drops battery leasing.



    In the UK there is no option to buy out the battery lease, summary of chat with Renault today below (I have removed some less relevant content about test drives and corrected typos):

    Renault: Hi, thank you for contacting Renault. how may I help you today?

    Me: I am considering buying a used Zoe (out of warranty) for occasional use and do not want to have a lease battery, is there now the option of buying the battery on older Zoes and if yes at what price? Or could I buy a Zoe and return the battery and commission the manufacture of a battery from another supplier (accepting no warranty from Renault)?
    Renault: I can certainly look into that today. So just to confirm you would like to find out if you can buy the battery on second hand ZOE? Is that correct ?
    Me: Yes that was my original question and if that does not work out to be cost effective can I buy a used Zoe and return the battery to terminate the lease and source my own battery?
    Renault: OK, I’m afraid the battery on a second hand ZOE can only be purchased if the first owner purchased the battery in the first place.
    Me: OK – thank you for the clarification. Can I buy a second hand Zoe and return the battery to terminate the lease?
    Renault: That is not possible if the battery is leased.
    Me: Is this article incorrect?
    Me: Link from the page above goes to this page does anything like that apply in the UK?
    Renault: Renault does give the option the buyout the battery but that is only in other european countries, not in the UK.
    Me: Could that option come to the UK?
    Renault: I understand where you are coming from regarding this, but for now I’m afraid this is not an option that Renault UK provides.

    Me: Are there many Zoes with owned batteries out there?
    Renault: There are quite a few out there, less common than leased batteries but still quite common.

    Me: Regarding lease constraints. What happens to a vehicle that has been in an accident and is broken for spares with the Lease battery returned to Renault?
    Renault: Yes that is correct the battery will return to “RCI” which is the company that owns the leased batteries.
    Me: Who are RCI (part of Renault)?
    Renault: RCI is part of Renault but not of Renault UK.

    Me: I can appreciate that Renault would like to sell new vehicles but looking at the price of used Zoes with the lease burden, then people could be put off by the resale value of a lease model. Perhaps Renault could reconsider their stance on this on ecological grounds as it doesn’t make sense for vehicle to become financially obsolete.
    Me: I would also appreciate it if you would feed back my concerns on ecological grounds to Renault HQ and ask if they would consider other viable options to own batteries on used lease battery Zoes to allow more zero tailpipe emission vehicles to be in use around the UK.
    Renault: No worries I will state this in my case that I have created and escalate it to our Head Office.

    Me: I realise we have been chatting for some time and appreciate your patience and advice, would it be OK to post some of this info (not your name of course) on a forum as this might save you having more queries at the Lease Zoes get cheaper.
    Renault: Yes of course, you are more than welcome to do so.


    Trevor Larkum

    Interesting, but disappointing.



    If you buy the battery and the car is still in warranty,would the battery be covered? And if you go on the extend the warranty, would the battery warranty be included, I assume the warranty would reflect the battery cost, and would be expensive.Its already around £340/ year.

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