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    Interesting! I don’t think it will change our decision to let the Zoe go at the end of its PCP but what put us off originally was the line in the contract which stated the maximum battery lease period was 72 months. In addition to another 3 years of battery lease the £7000 + GMV made the Zoe pretty expensive to write down to zero after another 3 years. The depreciation curve just doesn’t make sense.

    How long is the warranty on a battery bought off lease at 3 years old?



    Welcome back Fred, Interesting battery buying deal.
    Being me, I recently asked RCI if I upgrade to the bigger battery, ( I don’t intend to, just a thought experiment), could there be a possibility of me keeping the original battery I think I paid for twice, with two PCI Zoes.I wanted to experiment with the old battery in the workshop.
    There was a long pause,never been asked this before, so the default answer was NO.
    I’m​ also think of hanging it back at the end of this year having been particularly tortured by the Charging issues, no reply from the home charger bloke,and the oxymoron of the “Dealership”


    Trevor Larkum

    Interesting news – I think it would be a good thing for everyone if Renault finally drops battery leasing.

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