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    Trevor Larkum

    There is still a lack of information from Renault about the details of the UK Zoe launch, notwithstanding some information has been made available. Ho
    [See the full post at: Renault Gearing Up for UK Launch 2]



    Are there any sources cited for the better battery rumour? I’m sincerely hoping that if there is a better battery that it is compatible with the existing Zoe, and that those of us paying the lease fee will get the new battery for free, if it exists at all.

    It’d be rather annoying if an improved battery was incompatible with the existing car.


    Trevor Larkum

    I don’t have anything to add – except to reiterate that I don’t believe it. It would make no sense for Renault to do it. They have invested a fortune in developing the Zoe and need to get that money back at the current range/price point before making any changes.
    Also they have just had a massive launch where they have paid for hundreds of journalists to fly to Lisbon, stay in hotels, and test drive the Zoe. They have all gone away and written up their views of the Zoe, most of them headlining the range. That’s a pretty good indication that no new range information is coming from Renault for a year or more, otherwise they’ve massively shot themselves in the foot.

    The only way it could make sense longer term is if the battery has twice the range but is compatible with the current system (though it’s hard to imagine how that’s physically possible). Then they could offer an upgrade to the battery lease – something like twice the range for twice the price (i.e. 200 mile range for £200 per month). The problem with that is that no-one would take it – at the current price I can commute and occasionally go further for about the price of an ICE. At twice the cost I could occasionally go even further, but that’s too high a price to pay.



    Did anyone else see the figures for Zoe registered in France for March an unbelievable 1089, I presume the factory is in full flow which is good news for all of us waiting!


    Trevor Larkum

    That’s a lot which is good news – but I wonder if it’s just a blip. That could be production since November, for customers waiting since last summer, and I wonder if maybe the figures in future months will be much lower. I hope I’m wrong!



    I hope UK sales only pick up after I’ve got mine – I think I’ll go insane if I have to wait any longer!

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