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    Video link above
    Oh Dear I’ve got a problem and this time i can’t seem to reset or fix it no matter what i try.

    Wife and little boy tried to charge our car tonight, lucky they weren’t far away from home, cannot get it to charge.


    1.Different charging station, and home station and work station.
    2.Allowing time to reset the Cars “charging bits n bobs aka 15mins wait etc”
    3.Unplug replug, Reset lock car walk away.
    4.Check have no comfort timers set etc.
    5.leave Zoe for a while then open the doors bonnet etc try to trick computer to reset it self.
    6.Tried a ecotricty rapid charger at a services see if that works, nope, that oddly temp upset the services charger but it was ok shortly afterwards.

    So ? dunno its hosed …something seriously wrong with the charging system, and needs to be returned “AGAIN” for how long i don’t know to Evens Sheffield.

    Its about 18month old 2013 model, 15k miles, and its always been flaky “picky” with charging.
    Pain in the A*rse.

    Does anyone know if I’ve missed anything i can try guys ?




    OMG – left it 2 hrs tried again – now charging ??? WTF ? 2hrs reset the bci error.

    This car is amazing it fixes itself 🙂 thats my kind of car.

    Until….next time when your far away from home in a dark public charging place…..ahaaaaa?..scary



    I just spotted your topic, I was going to say 15mins isn’t usually long enough. I’ve found 45mins can be the sweet spot.



    Hi @jimmyd,

    You’re actually quite lucky in that you’ve managed to get 15,000 miles before having this issue. I managed a total of 20 miles and have this exact same error on my car now after 2 days of ownership. My very first charge was a BCI and two other charge points have given me the same response including my home charger.

    I’ve driven the car ~15 minutes and it now sits on my driveway laughing at me whenever I try to charge it. I’ve tried everything you’ve done and always get the same BCI response. I’m using the Zoe as a commuter car and need it to be fully charged everyday so this is not filling me with confidence.

    I’ve had the driver for the dealer check the car and he is dumfounded too as it was charged before being delivered to me. So now, I’ve got it booked into Renault Leicester next Wednesday to be looked at. I really hope it is something simple, as if a new charger is required it seems I can expect a long delay and I’ve already waited a long time after ordering in June and only getting it Saturday.


    Dr Steel

    Hello Jimmy

    I was just wondering if your car is black in case its the one I trade in at Sheffield

    Dr Steel



    @markc is yours a new R240?



    Hi @sandy: Yes it is the new R240.

    Really enjoyed the few mins/miles that I’ve actually driven it. Wish it was working as I’m very keen to start using it and learning more about owning an EV. I work on PHEVs and BEVs in work, but never thought I could afford one.



    Make sure you key is at on position on home charger. Also make sure your definitely in park with the engine switched off.

    If it’s still doing it then take it back and reject it.



    Hello guys – Sadly it didn’t work in the end and has been towed (well on a flat bed truck) off to Doncaster to be looked at today. Best thing to do is contact Renault Service UK direct and speak with this person

    Brigitte Hondius
    Customer Support Manager.

    Organised a replacement hire car for me which I’ve got today (its actually a quick little car Aygo 1.0 3CY its rather nippy and super cheap to run ) but feels very “affordable” , “simple” and “Tesco’s basics” to drive anyway..i digress.
    I have a quicker response from Renault direct in my experience so far.

    As for the BCI issue – well its cropping up all over isn’t it with this car, but Renault have assured me I’m an “isolated case” and that “it was the first they had heard of” and that “we will get to the bottom of your problem”….which has filled me with so much re-asurance thats its just my car that has these problems……..YEAH RIGHT OMG the sometimes make me laugh:-) .

    So, err well the cars worth nothing really SH like 6k and thats prob my finance amount so its worth to me about 29quid. So to swap it for a leaf or a small petrol would mean starting again pretty much if you catch my drift. Although there are some good SH “all inclusive non battery rental” bargains on leafs now around-any better EV do we think ?.. i do like the leaf split seats its very 1987 onwards thinking, i like that in a car maker , wink.

    Yep so thats that really, see what happens they have it on charge off charge on charge off charge tonight for 10mins. who knows Zoe might just work fine for them and then……oh dear off we go again.
    Will report on here how things unfold.




    You Ordered June this year ? @markc

    Oh dear so we have new 2015 cars that have the same problem …..ok so i guess theres a question here:

    If anyone has had this issue fixed on their Zoe – what was the fault ?


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