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    BCI can be common, not always the car at fault, often down to poorly earthed charger.



    If anyone has had this issue fixed on their Zoe – what was the solution ?

    can’t edit my last posting on here. meant to say solution



    Sometimes its car but often is a poorly earthed post, report if you find a specific post than Bcis, I’ve reported a couple of dodgy posts.



    yep thats good point sandy. BCI earth issue etc…i do agree with you

    So my car does it in 3 locations?, ecotricty rapid Woodall both sides, Home, and work.

    Thats 4 units, so i guess all four are bad?, which i kinda think might be really really bad luck? 🙂 naaaa
    Renault are confident its a car problem as its 4 locations.

    mmmmmm, its very very strange isnt it, i will find the answer to this somehow….because we all need to know (Renault know – I’m pretty dam sure of that, be it a design issue, constraints around being extra safe about earth issues in the J spec, over sensitivity of battery to chassis fault detection, faulty Type2 socket and wiring looms, Extra levels of sensing that has spurious triggers, supply noise and bad filtering who knows.. etc etc)

    This BCI error needs removing, resolving even hacking into the CAM bus to tweak this thing if we could, like 30mA leak trip tweaked up to say 50mA, cuz its outdoors in rain, elements you name it.

    Im sure eventually we will find the real main culprit part thats tripping too easy.
    Yes you can get different results at different chargers,i have had this too over the past 18months.

    “short term” BCI you try again and eventually it might work that day- but when it goes altogether “the more permanent” BCI, like ours, that says to me there’s a underlying issue its rendering our zoe cars “unreliable” and thats an yesteryear equivalent of a “Banger”

    Except you picked those up for 500 notes, and found alternators, and water pumps from scrap yards. 🙂

    happy days 🙂



    Yes, I ordered mine in June and received it Saturday 7th November.

    Out of interest, has anyone experienced a BCI error with a granny lead? I presume these reports are less frequent, since most people don’t use the granny lead, but it would be nice to know if people have experienced this.

    If not, then a granny lead could be a useful backup if the 7kW+ charging generates BCIs and the car charger isn’t totally broken.



    Yes I’ve had BCI on granny lead. Plug pulled about 2mm out of the household socket while I plugged in the car end. Once I’d traced it to plug I pushed it back in filled and it took about 30mins to clear the BCI on the car.



    Interestingly (given you had problems at Woodall) the first post that wouldn’t work for me was Tibshelf, then it was Woodall where the car completely had enough (the chargepoint actually turned itself off completely and the car had BCI from them onwards).

    Once I had a BCI, it was the same regardless of charger used (I tried two different 7kw posts and my granny lead with no joy). Now I’m waiting weeks for a new charging unit to be produced…



    OK great.

    I guess the real question is: has someone had a “permanent” BCI like I’m getting using 7kW+ chargers but charging successfully with a granny lead?

    I was wondering whether the box of tricks on the granny lead meant a BCI was avoided or less likely to happen (assuming its plugged in properly, etc).



    If you get a permanent BCI then your charger is fried, it won’t work on anything.

    Nothing special inside the granny box of tricks, it does the same as a 7kw home charger, checks itself, waits for a signal to charge.

    BCI can mean the following;

    1. Your charger is fried, you need a new one, this is permanent until replacement.
    2. A poor earth was sensed and the message displayed and stored for a limited period of time. Sadly they’ve used a bit of bad translation. The charge isn’t “impossible”, just not currently possible.



    MarkC, odd that it charges with the granny and not the type 2 cable, have you been able to try a rapid just to rule the supplied cable out.

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