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    Having now owned a Zoe for over 6 years (the Zoe 40 model bought last summer), I was intrigued by the number of electric and hybrid cars in Shanghai last week, when I was visiting friends. I got the impression that their ratio is much higher than ours. Maybe a congestion charge is driving this? Not only that but virtually all motor scooters and motorbikes were electric too. It made the roads very quiet and gave me a glimpse of what our towns and cities might sound like in the years to come. Only the sound of rubber hitting the tarmac prevented the sound of silence, and that’s not likely to go away.
    I saw no Zoe’s but Renault is trading in China with plenty of ads for the Kadjar on the underground trains. Several Nissan Leaf’s, BMW electrics and many Chinese made electric/hybrid cars (hard to work out at a glance which they were).

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