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    I’ve been offered a battery owned 22kw-h Zoe (2015) with 9000 miles. Would this be a good car to buy? It’s currently at Renault being inspected if nothing major shows up I was considering purchasing. I travel 19 miles daily for work and not far on weekends. Although 3 miles is up hill, grade approximately 8%.
    Any advice or pros/cons would be much appreciated.



    I’d go for it, I’ve had two.Expect 80 mile range in winter and around 100 in summer.You’ll find you change your driving style to conserve current, but you’ll be happier.



    I agree with Reboot.
    I’m on my second Zoe – the 40kwh one, but had the 22kwh Zoe for five years to this summer and could manage that range. Range drops rapidly if you go above about 60mph though so bear that in mind.
    Just a thought. How are you doing for charging it? A ‘granny’ charger takes a very long time and the 7kw charger (which comes free with a new Zoe) will cost you if you buy separately. The charger plus labour will probably set you back over 700 pounds I think.
    Good luck



    Thanks guys your input its much appreciated. I was going to buy a 7kw charger


    Trevor Larkum

    You will still get the government grant for the charge point, so it would be about £700 less £500. Definitely worth getting one (you need a 7kW Type 2 tethered).



    I would recommend buying a granny cable.Unfortunately Andyfras of this parish no longer sells his excellent device.I went for only 10 amp charger, as a safety net in winter.Better than nothing, and who knows maybe one day, as in Germany we will be able to charge at any lamp post, as per the BMW scheme.

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