Should I have to continue to pay for PCP due to Zoe being in the Renault Garage?

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    It’s been a while since I posted on here.

    I have had many happy miles of motoring with my Zoe, up until about 6 weeks ago, when I got the ‘check battery’ warning light on the dashboard. Called Renault assistance, who came to my home and flat bedded to the nearest Renault Garage. They then diagnosed that there was an issue with the charging unit and would have to replace it. Renault UK provided me with a hire vehicle whilst mine was in the garage, which was far from suitable as it was a dirty fossil fuel vehicle, of which I have had to fill up at the petrol station every couple of weeks. I felt that whilst I am without my vehicle, due to no fault of my own, I should not have to continue paying £170 per month for my PCP, as well as paying to fuel the hire car.

    It has now been coming up to 7 weeks that they have had the car in the garage, and the part is on back order with no forecast of when it will arrive! I have spoken to Renault UK and I explained that I didn’t believe that I should have to pay £170 per month for a vehicle that I don’t have the use of (I know this is a small amount compared to today’s deals, but anyway…).

    The answer I got was that I had been provided with a hire car as a gesture of good will and that Renault had no reason to have to compensate me. Because the vehicle was purchased through ‘Renault’ Finance they have no link/partnerships/ties with the finance company and therefore absolve themselves from any responsibility. The PCP was taken through RCI, which is surely part of Renault!

    I tried to explain that I was being treated unfairly as at the end of the day I would be out of pocket (£170 per month) and not getting any benefit from an EV vehicle. Even taking into consideration the provision of the replacement vehicle and there offer to compensate me for my fuel costs, as a good will gesture still means I’m out of pocket £120 per month, if my fuel costs are roughly £50 per month.

    I happened to mention that if I didn’t require the hire vehicle, as I had a second vehicle, then I would be £170 out of pocket. They are now considering taking the hire vehicle off me as I don’t really need it!

    Anyway, if you’ve stuck with me to the end of this rant, to summarise, if you purchase a vehicle on a PCP through Renault finance, which is not actually Renault, and you are without the use of your vehicle due to no fault of your own, then you still have to pay the monthly fee for the privilege.

    Has anyone else been in this situation and how was it resolved?



    I’ve certainly heard of people getting their money back for fuel, so keep the receipts, and it looks like you’ve been offered that.
    Drive away at the fossil fuel car. You’re paying £170 for the use of a car. They’ve taken yours off you, and given you another one. You have to pay for the fuel, they’re reimbursing you. That sounds to me like you’re just about back to where you’re meant to be. Unless you specifically require, for example, an automatic, I don’t think you’ll get much out of them. Every day you’re driving their car, you’re costing them money. Very few people seem to get electric cars when they’re without their own, which is strange given the number of them Renault must be getting back!



    Renault dont get them back its RCI finance that own them and they put them to auction using
    If you return your Zoe because the GFV is too high buying it back from auction can be much cheaper, though some owners have also been able to haggle a deal much better that the GFV with RCI.



    Half way through my 3 year PCP, any rough idea how much it would cost to hand the car back,?



    I would phone RCI for a quote …. RCI Finance Tel. 0333 2000 002



    Mine has had the same problem and has been in the garage for nearly eight weeks. I have made a complaint to Renault and Renault finance and they have promised they will reimburse me but I am going to try and hand the car back I am paying £235 a month



    Thanks Mo will do.

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