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    I’ve just posted this update to my personal blog, summarising nerarly three weeks of ownership: Linky



    Great post – very interesting 🙂

    Only thing I’d mention is that the free charger from British Gas is a 7Kw unit, not a 3Kw unit as you mentioned (and there’s no need to pay for an upgrade). I believe originally Renault were pointing people to the free Polar charger offer which was 3Kw with a paid-for upgrade but this was an error on Renault’s part (no surprise!).



    Ah, right – I’ve updated accordingly.


    Trevor Larkum

    A very interesting write-up!



    Right, it’s been a while, so thought I’d add another update.

    We’ve now done about 1400 miles, all plain sailing. I’ve done quite a bit of motorway driving and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well it does – I had expected that any overtaking manoeuvres above 50ish might be quite slow, but it seems to get up to speed quickly enough.

    As I’ve mentioned in another post, I’ve recently fitted new wheels with winter tyres, as I’ve had them before and know they make a difference. Once winter’s over, I’ll revert back to the original tyres, but I’ll get them fitted to some new alloys as I couldn’t get the 17″ ones fitted when the car was ordered.

    I’ve swapped out a few bulbs here and there – I’ve fitted LEDs to the courtesy lights, which are much brighter, and also in the boot, plus I’ve swapped out the headlight bulbs for some of the more gluey-white ones – I hate the look of yellow bulbs and white DRLs, but they’re also a bit better in terms of illumination at night. I’ve also swapped out the orange indicator bulbs for the silver sort – that’s purely for cosmetic reasons though! I want to do the tail lights but I’m damned if I can get the clusters off…

    The only issue I’ve had is yet another dealer problem; I paid for the £150 R-Link Live services, but it turns out that they never activated them so this week the car declared my subscription had expired. The dealer said they’ll just give me a cheque for the £150 and I can buy it off the R-Link store – I’ll wait until I get the cheque before doing it, though…

    Anyway, still enjoying the Zoe – I keep coming up with reasons to drive it. I’ve lost track of how many delivery people have asked about it when dropping something off!


    Trevor Larkum

    I’ve thought about replacing the headlights with LEDs as that should help range in the winter, but haven’t yet done anything about it.

    BTW, in your first post linked to above you say ‘the car will refuse to move once it hits 5% in order to protect the battery’ but that certainly wasn’t my experience when range testing – I managed to get down to 2% before I gave up through nervousness, it hadn’t stopped.



    I’m very impressed with your registration number. 🙂


    Trevor Larkum


    lol – i actually looked at that reg on DVLA. think it was available for £450…

    instead my dealer let me add OEV at the end of reg for free 🙂



    > I’ve thought about replacing the headlights with LEDs as that should help range in the winter

    Sounds like a good idea – are LED headlight bulbs road legal? I notice Halfords don’t sell them, which is an indicator of current legislation.

    Having looked at a few on ebay, it’s very difficult to ascertain how bright the bulbs are in relation to their Halogen or Xenon cousins.

    I know some LED bulbs can create issues when used with relays, such as brake lights and indicators, but headlight bulbs would be an easy win if bright enough.

    I assume H7 bulbs for the ZOE, so another bulb for main beam? I need to have a look!

    Is anyone else getting flashed by oncoming drivers at night? Can’t decide if the headlights are too high on the ‘0’ setting or it’s the running lights that are causing offence. Would be nice to be able to turn off the running lights when the headlights are on. I’m getting flashed on a regular basis and there’s nought I can do about it…

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