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    Jo Pegram-Mills

    Today I took delivery of my second ZOE, following the end of my 2 year PCP with my first. This time I opted for Neptune Grey, which I must say really
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    I read your post and I agree completely! I handed mine back at the end of PCP, and got a used one – a Zoe ‘i’ this time, so no battery rental. I even ended up saving enough money on monthly payments to replace my wife’s noisy twelve year old diesel car with a lovely blue Zoe!

    I think when prices of the Zoe 40 go down I’ll get one of those second hand. And I doubt I’ll ever buy another ICE car!



    Hi. So am I. But, in January 2017, I wrote to RCI re retro fitting of the upgrade battery. Then, they said this option would be available within a few months and would cost £3,100.
    This January I phoned them to ask what the present situation was and they said that this option is not at present available in the UK though it is being trialled in one or two European countries.
    Pity. I think I’ll either stick with my present Zoe (bought in December 2013) for a while or go for a new Zoe 40 – that’s when they become available again (see my other post re non-availability of new Zoes till the summer because the French Government has ordered 25,000 new Zoes – just like that.)
    Funny times.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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