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    dumb question – has anyone been able to use a Tesla charge point to charge their Zoe?

    The reason i ask is becuase the Tesla points are all type 2 (same as zoe) and no RFID card is required – BUT my understanding is these are 125kw… but i would assume the zoe just accepts its maximum charge rate of 43kw?

    just want to discuss this before i ‘blow’ my zoe up trying this out…



    From what I’ve read on here, I think the plugs are different.




    no i dont think they are. i went for a tesla test drive last week and their tethered 22kw charger worked with my zoe. so i can only assume that their superchargers have the same type 2 tethered cables.

    also zap map cable guide shows the same type 2 for tesla…




    The Tesla website shows the same Type2 connector as Zoe and the Ecotricity site lists Tesla, Zoe and others as all compatible.
    I tried both chargers at Cambridge Extra recently, but without success for other reasons than compatibility AFAIK.



    My Zoe was reading me my email as I drove past the local Tesla station, so I went and checked.

    It is physically the same connection, however its DC, not AC.

    I do hope there’s some checking done by the charging station and the car to ensure compatibility as once the magic smoke escaped from your vehicle, there’s no way of putting it back in.

    It would be handy if it did work though as the Tesla Supercharger is next to the gym I go to.



    This link http://www.teslamotors.com/en_GB/charging#/basics clearly shows the Tesla S charging setup is the same as the Zoe. On the Eco charger you select AC or DC charging before connecting.



    The superchargers are DC. Won’t work with a Zoe. The Tesla Model S can charge at AC and DC. The home chargers Tesla users have would work. The chargers at the dealers would also work. The superchargers only have a DC connector and capability to my knowledge and will not work with anything other than a Tesla.



    As I understand it most Teslas can connect via the Type 2 connector for AC home charging like Zoe and have that option at Eco chargers as well if the DC supercharger is not working. The DC cable effectively connects directly to the battery bypassing the onboard AC charger and does not need card activation. So the type 2 connection on the Ecotricity units is compatible with both cars, but will need card activation.



    Based on conversations elsewhere, the Tesla plug is not a conventional Type 2, and the charge port on the car contains pins that are wider at the lower portion of the plug than at the top. The supercharger plug is therefore sized as a Type 2 with female receptacles, but they are wider and longer, thereby reaching down past the narrower part of the ‘conventional’ Type 2 (into which a conventional Type 2 can therefore fit) and reaching the wider part of the charge pins at the bottom.

    This is my understanding and interpretation, given I have never actually seen a supercharger here.

    As mentioned, in any case the pins run DC which will likely destroy the Zoe if they were actually energised, which of course they would not because there would be no recognised comms hand-shake with the charger. If the chargers can recognise a 60kWh Model S that hasn’t paid for supercharger activation, then you can be sure it would spot a Zoe!!!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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