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    Trevor Larkum

    I contacted my Renault dealer this morning about final delivery details (including proof of payment for the order deposit and reservation fee) and was
    [See the full post at: The ZOE Has Landed!]



    Congrats and best of luck for tomorrow!

    I like the colour, btw 🙂 Different from the website but I suspect it will really glow in the sunlight 🙂



    Hi Tresor,
    great news! I hope you ‘ll enjoy your first drive
    Drive and, as it is with me, you will Not loose the smile on your face while driving your new gadget. Regards Umbi



    Looks great Trevor. Enjoy your trip down to London treat it like an adventure I’m sure you will be OK. Bit jealous I’m not going to i3 event looks a great car.



    Looks great, Trevor. Eager to hear all about the trip into London after the event – will it be charging up at the event or at Ikea or something else…..

    It’s an adventure!



    Nice colour Trevor and I will keep my fingers crossed for you as in my 61days of owning my Zoe I’ve only had it to drive for 11days because of “issues”
    Did the dealer elaborate on the said issues? 🙁



    Looking fantastic. I did wonder if my Neptune Grey would come out lighter like the pics I have seen of it compared to the swatch in the dealership.



    It looks great! Looking forward to read about your daily experiences and mileage.
    I still didn’t get a reply from anyone in Renault about the range being shorter for the first 1000km, but I’m sure you will keep track of your range so we can learn if there is in fact a pivot point or not where the range gets better.
    Good Luck with the ZOE and the drive to London!




    Looks great
    Love the colour it was a toss up between this and the arctic white
    I’m thinking we should have went with the blue
    Would have save a few pounds as well


    Trevor Larkum

    Did the dealer elaborate on the said issues?

    No, he was pretty vague (about everything).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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