Tire pressure sensors

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    Hi all, i live in sweden and we have laws here that require i put on winter tires from Dec 1 until march 31. One big shock for me was that the Zoe only has enough memory for 4 tire pressure sensors. So when i put on winter tires the car has to be recalibrated to the new sensors at a whopping 900kr (90 euros). Then when you switch back… same story. The reset for the steering wheel is to reset the pressure not to recalibrate for new sensors, this can only be done using a renault service computer. Is anybody else suffering from this as well and has maybe found a solution? It is illegal in Sweden to turn the sensors off or disable the warning. The only options i have are 1. Pay big bucks twice a year, 2. Get scared shitless and be distracted as the light flashes on every 30 mins or so… 3. Have a warning light on my zoe for the entire winter.

    I really love my zoe, it is a super car. This issue takes out all the fun for me, i hope somebody can come with suggestions / solutions.




    Hi Artan, did you find a solution? I got my Zoe in the winter and just switched to summer tires. It’s showing a check tire pressure sensors service message all the time on the dash now. Still haven’t contacted the dealer though. Just wondering if you or anyone else knows how to hide that annoying warning.




    In Ireland I just put ordinary, not Renault Tyres on and ignore the low battery warnings due to cold temperatures going for government test tomorrow, see if I pass without sensors.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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