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    R110 – November report.
    As promised in an earlier thread, an update:
    I feel I can confirm that Renault have largely reduced the sometimes awkward jerk or jump when regen switches out and just discs/drums take over at very low speeds. It’s really hard to make it happen in this model.
    Re charging. No fan noise (so far anyway) while charging but, with this car, the moment I take the charge plug away from the car when charging completed, the fan kicks in for about 15 seconds, then dies away. This never happened with my older 22kwh model. I assume it is done while the computer checks for correct battery temperature. Anyone else noticed this?
    Apart from that and the mainly cosmetic changes to the cabin I’ve already mentioned, everything is just as before. It purrs like a contented cat.
    Incidentally, Sheffield has a driving school using the new Zoe. I can’t see how they can manage the charging time that they must have to have during a working day without wasting valuable driving time and surely passing your test in a Zoe means you can only have a license to drive automatics but there you are.


    Trevor Larkum

    With the slow speeds during lessons, and all the sitting and talking, I wouldn’t be surprised if a ZOE ZE40 could get through a working day without needing to recharge. If nothing else, average speeds of 30mph or so should give it a range close to 200 miles.

    You’re right about the licence – I taught my daughter in my i3 and she got an automatic licence (which is all she’ll need pretty soon I think).



    Yes, I was thinking today about my post and realised I had overestimated the actual miles for each hours lesson. As you say, so much is at slow speed (very slow for beginners), with much stopping and reversing into parking spaces and so on. So I would imagine not much more than 100 miles for an average 8 or 9 hour day (assuming they prefer not to teach learners when it’s dark), and therefore they can wait to charge overnight with a standard 7kwh charger.
    Still, good to see a Zoe in use in this way.
    I wonder if other e-cars are in use with driving schools?


    Trevor Larkum

    I’ve certainly seen a news item about a Nissan Leaf being used by a driving school.



    We were in Stratford on Avon recently and saw a driving school using a Zoe, so the idea is catching on.
    We also twice caught sight of, I assume, the new disguised 2019 Zoe which I will be interested to check out when launched.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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