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    Be aware.

    Today I went to sign all the documents for my car in advance of delivery next week. Like many of you I will be having a 7500 mile PCP and 7500 mile battery lease.

    When I signed for the car 4 weeks ago I was told that the battery lease would be on a special offer rate, that being the 3 yr rate of 70 pounds and not the 2 yr rate of 80 pounds per month.

    Went to sign today and the price is 80 quid for 24 months not 70. No way to get the 3 yrs rate other than signing a 3 yr lease.

    I asked that if I took a 3yr lease and then at 1 yr 11 months gave notice to terminate was that allowed? Yes I could was the answer. At what specific financial penalty I asked? They called RCI to get a definitive answer.

    RCI confirmed that yes I could terminate a 3 yr deal at the 2 yr point but that an early termination penalty of over 800 pounds would then be payable!

    So I am signing up for the 2 yr lease at 80 quid……….. My dealer is ”sorting something out” regarding the extra 10 pounds per month I am having to pay.

    Just thought I should forewarn others who may find themselves in this situation



    Really Sorry to read this.

    I have been warning people within the hotukdeals threads that cancelling a 3 year agreement after 2 years is not a wise move. Especially for the £10 per month difference I would be happier keeping everything at a 24 month agreement.

    Which dealer were you dealing with on this? Hope they do sort something out for you on the extra payments




    RCI don’t seem to have a scooby what they are doing… they are really getting themselves into a mess with all these price changes at the drop of a beret.



    My dealer is being very good over this. We have agreed that we will each pay 50% of this extra 10 pounds a month. Both of us are paying 5 pounds more than we had expected, neither of are happy but we agree this is a fair compromise. Anyway its small beer really. Had the original deal been a 2yr 7500 battery lease at 75 quid, I still would have signed up.

    He is now sorting out how to pay me this 24 x 5 . Suspect a cheque up front will be paid.

    He also said that RCI are forever changing the terms of the battery lease, the excess mileage charges and the web site, such that even dealerships are caught unawares. This is being fed back to Renault UK

    But to repeat my warning. The only price you can have for a 2 yr battery lease for 7500 miles is 80 pounds per month. Dealers have no discretion over this and cannot alter this with incentives like they can with the PCP quote



    When I ordered my car on may 11th I was shown a booklet showing £50 p/m with 7,500 miles this was evans halshaw in Sheffield.
    If it comes to signing and this amount is different I suspect I will reject the car as the salesman told me it was £125 a month inc. battery hire on a 2yr pcp. *£75 car £50 battery*
    I know another seller was offered this exact same deal a few days after my purchase too…



    I ordered mine on the 12th May. Booklet provided by delaer also showed £50 as battery cost for 7500 miles. I then went through the configurator on Renault’s website on the 14th May to check the specification etc and have printed this out. This also shows £50 for 7500 miles over three years, but as we know the option to cancel early without penalty was also available at this time. My dealer has now told me he can’t do the battery over 3 years and the pcp over 2 years. I have been told battery price will be confirmed on pick up but I know it will state £80 per month and I will need to take this up with the dealer and/or Renault. I wonder if the stupidly cheap pcp offered on drive the deal at £20 a month for the car is because the battery rental is going to be a lot more expensive in September/October when the cars are delivered?



    When I ordered my car on may 11th I was shown a booklet showing £50 p/m with 7,500 miles this was evans halshaw in Sheffield.

    I had all sorts of arguments because both Liverpool and Chester were handing out old brochures for ZOE with much better offers (included servicing, 3 years of ZE Interactive, etc.). We ended up getting the dealer to pay for servicing on one of the ZOEs, and we got the £199/3yr service plan on the other.

    I suspect you are going to be disappointed, and at this time, they won’t do you the battery rental price you’re expecting :-/



    I’ve placed a deposit on a NAV model this week and was told about the battery agreement and agreed on paying £87pm, 2 yrs for 9000k
    Don’t think it should change anytime soon as these prices are listed in the new brochure on the renault website



    But that is the problem – you have been told the battery agreement is £87 pm. This is the price on the day you ordered your car. If the price goes up before delivery you will have no choice but to pay the higher amount. The battery deal can only be signed on the day you take delivery of the car and not before. Is this fair?



    Here is a picture of the battery agreement page.
    Bottom one is from the brochure I was handed from my local Renault dealer last Sunday, and the top one is the new brochure downloaded last night

    Massive difference


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