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    Thanks, personally for me Renault closing the loophole in the 3 year battery deal has been a blessing in disguise and has given me peace of mind 🙂

    Now I just have to wait for her to arrive 🙂



    Trevor Larkum

    That’s been there for a while. If someone has a new one I’m happy to replace it.



    I’ve been through my battery agreement with a fine tooth comb and despite what the dealer told me and the email he showed me from RCI, the agreement is VERY explicit that it must be honoured in full or the difference paid.

    I have now emailed the dealer to ask for him to put in writing to me that breaking the agreement won’t cost me the £840. He is on leave until Wednesday so will update then. I will of course be making a complaint to Renault customer services if I have been misold. I’d have paid the £10 a month extra if I had to – it was the dealer that told me otherwise…




    Your contract doesn’t reflect what the salesperson said

    If your written contract does not match the terms you agreed with the sales staff when you bought the service, you may have been mis-sold the contract.

    You should make a formal complaint to your service provider. You can ask that the terms of your contract be changed to match what the sales person said.

    If your service provider has a term in your contract which says they disown statements made by sales staff, that would be an unfair contract term.

    If the statement made by the sales person is false and it influenced your decision to buy the service, this is called misrepresentation. If this is the case, you can cancel your contract without charges and may be able to take legal action for compensation. A false statement which influenced your decision to enter into a contract is also an example of an unfair commercial practice. If you’ve been misled, you can take action under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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