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    Hi all

    Made it to North of Spain from Dundee in my new ZE40 with virtually no problems. Here (Ager, south Pyrenees) we knew it was a bit of a charging desert so had our granny cable which has been giving us perfect charges for the last 4 days from the 10A supply here at the camp site. Today there was an electrical problem at the camp site. Now, the brick (it’s from a Mini but shouldn’t make any diff and it worked fine) seems totally fine – power on gives green light, plugging it into Zoe gives the usual blue flashing charging light. Zoe, however, gives BCI. Locking car, leaving it for 10 min, resets BCI, but connecting granny charger gives same problem. The car drives, prob have 90-100 miles. Couple of questions
    1) how (un)likely is it that this problem will now also happen with charging posts
    2) renault dealer in Spain 35 miles, France 95 miles (including pass, so just out of range). Does Renault UK warranty apply abroad? We do not have any roadside assistance
    Thanks for your suggestions



    When you say there was a problem with the supply, it may have returned with a high earth impedance (140 ohms or higher)
    This is normally what brings the BCI display on at that supply.It doesn’t follow that you should have any BCI indications at other CPs.
    Good luck.


    Trevor Larkum

    I agree with reboot that it’s probably just an earthing issue on the camp site. Here’s my original post in case it helps:




    Hello Trevor,

    I see many leads related to the car not charging. I also had that problem at first but now have identified it in relation to the earthing of the pole. It has to be below 50 Ohms otherwise it just stops charging as the car feels it is unsafe to carry on.
    Had the same issue at my home, technician came to install just like any other box and they do many every day. When it came to test it the same happened as at my work, it starts charging and then after 15sec it blows off.
    The technician tested the earthing and there was a measurement of 289 Ohms on my house. Luckily for me there was an cable left behind from an old ligthning installation so he tested that cable and it brought the resistsnace to 28 Ohms. He connected that cable to the meter board and then everything was just fine.
    In the Netherlands not all poles have this specifications so it can be an issue but as that fact starts to go around the technician guys they now know about it and lower the resistance to comply with the higher specifications of the Zoe.
    Very frustrating I know but I am now confident that there is nothing wrong with the car (have also done all the checks with the garage,…because you never know if it comes from the car or the pole)
    Hope that helps, Check it out…
    Best regards,
    Thierry from The Netherlands



    Theirry, good to know, however, various figures have been given for an acceptable earth impedence for the car, and measuring resistance in this case is no easy matter.Lowering it can be very difficult, particularly in rural areas, earth spikes etc.At the Zoe launch back in 2013, Reault mentioned diffeculties with ” dirty elecricty, a big subject. What’s annoying is that a Leaf won’t have a problem at the same charge point, both vehicles being made by the Renault/Nissan “Alliance” I think Zoe charging will always be with us like death and taxes.



    Hi, maybe you can help me.. I bought a used Zoe from 2014 just to be a commuting car +- 20km/day and it’s perfect for that. But i have a big issue…. I can’t charge it at my home with the domestic charger in a normal 10A socket.
    I have 25A contracted to the power supply company, and the domestic sockets are connected to 16A switchs, and i have some dedicated sockets directly connected do the main controller switch board. 1xSocket = 1x16ASwitch – Direct.
    I have a lots of electric stuff at home and i’dont have problems with nothing, 3xAir conditioning, Cloth Dryer, Etc…
    So i connect the car to the plug it starts to charge normally like it should be, then…. and can be in 2min, 5min , 10min or 45min… it’s random… the main switch for the entire house, shutdown.
    Or sometimes the car charger, stops’s charging and stays just in standby.
    The house its recent, i dont know how to solve this. I try in diferent houses with the same charger and was ok, and i try it and the public stations and was ok to. So the problem it’s with my house i think.
    Some of the Zoe owners talks about the 150 ohms earth resistance… as a limit to get the charging works fine… i don’t know.
    Some one have a smiliar issue? Many thanks. MM



    It’s not true to say the car is not at fault in my opinion.
    Anytime I’ve complained to Ecar I about BCI and Zoe, I’m told “A Leaf charges at that location with no problem”
    Annoying as both EVs are made by The Renault Nissan Alliance.

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