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    My Zoe was due it’s 4 year service this month and my regular dealer advised they could not complete the service as a brake fluid change was required and this could only be done with the battery “locked down”. Unfortunately they did not have a technician who had completed the necessary course to be authorized for battery lock down.

    I booked the car in to the next nearest dealer for the 4 year service and after checking with them twice, they assured me they had a qualified technician and could carry out the service. When I picked the car up, I was told everything was done, but there was nothing in the paperwork to indicate the brake fluid had been changed. On querying this oversight, it appears that the brake fluid was not changed as “special equipment” was required to do the job and they did not have that piece of kit. The garage will contact me when they have the gear and then change the brake fluid.

    However, the day after the service I went to my regular dealer for the car’s MOT and after some discussion with the workshop manager, we established that no special tools are required for a brake fluid change, and the normal Renault equipment fitted the ZOE perfectly.

    So who do I believe about this issue? There must be several of you out there who have had a four year service. WERE THERE ANY ISSUES REGARDING BRAKE FLUID AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, WAS THE BRAKE FLUID CHANGED. I look forward to hearing your comments.



    My ZOE has recently had its 4 year service, and it just indicates that the brake fluid level was checked. It also says that the clutch fluid was checked, but at least it didn’t mention engine oil and exhaust system this time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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