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    Hi there,

    I recently started using the charge scheduler to time my charges in the evening. The reason for this is that I want to try and reduce electricity costs by not charging up completely if I don’t need to. My theory is that by only putting in enough charge to bring me to and from work I will save a bit of money. Or so I believe, but anyway.

    I have noticed that on nights when I fully charge (currently Sunday night) I get to 100% and then the charge finishes, and I get the email from ZE Services telling me that charge has finished. However, if I don’t fully charge (as was the case this evening). I notice something very weird. When charge finishes, I get an email to say so, and it says that I have charged to whatever percentage. All normal. So this evening I finished charging at 76%, BUT when I went out 10 minutes later my charge level had dropped by about 9% to 67%! I have had to put the car BACK on charge for an extra 30 minutes or so.

    Any idea what is going on here? Why am I losing charge? Is it a sign that the batteries are starting to fail ALREADY (car is only 7 months old!) or is there something else happening?



    Mine behaves in exactly the same way, so I don’t think you have a problem.

    I usally always charge to 100% so the car balances, but on the odd ocassion I have just done a quick top up and I always notice the range drops quite a bit a short time afterwards from the range initially displayed after unplugging.

    Personally it costs so little to charge it up to 100% why not let its thing? The amount of electricity you are going to will be minimal. It costs me less than £3 for a full charge.



    Yep, agree with harters on that one, I also see that happen, conversely you can see charge % go up after leaving Zoe for a while after a long run etc.
    Would not expect your battery pack to be degrading yet, mine is now 19 months old and pack SOH is still at 98% checked just last night.



    My battery pack is at 84% after 2.5 years, I checked a few months back.



    Checked mine for the first time yesterday, battery is at 91%. Car will be 3 years old in early October.



    How do I check my own battery folks? I charged fully this evening by the way, haven’t checked yet but I assume it will still be 100% in the morning.



    I think you’re maybe looking for signs of the sort of degradation behaviour you’d see with traditional batteries, and hence getting confused. The Zoe – as with all modern electric cars – uses lithium ion batteries which don’t lose their ability to hold charge. When people talk about degradation, they’re referring to the loss of total capacity; hence, my (87℅) pack that would originally store 22kwh of electricity will now store a bit over 20kwh.

    Hence, the drops you’re seeing aren’t indicative of a battery issue. It’s probably just a difference in how full the car thinks the battery is at the end of a charge vs 10 minutes later when the pack’s settled. If you want to charge it to a certain (lower) level you’ll need to get a feel for the change and adjust charge length accordingly. Personally am not sure why you’re bothering though: doesn’t seem to have any obvious advantage, and by doing so you’re preventing the pack from performing cell balancing.



    To check state of health (SOH) you use canZE app and a on board diagnostics dongle OBDII info at the canZE website, highly recommended for a shed load of info about your car.

    User Guide



    Agree with above

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