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    So DC High can support more than 100kw charging (200×500) and ‘ac high’ can support 95kw charging (3x63x500) which is all nice and good – but at those numbers either you have a *really* big battery or you are going to try and charge it in a really short time. A really big battery would suggest a very expensive and heavy car (using current technology) while charging a 22Kwh battery at 95Kw would allow it to charge in 13 mins – generating a huge amount of heat and damaging it in the process…

    I believe the eGolf has a 27Kwh battery pack.

    All seems like a lot of expense when DC Mid can do 70Kw and DC low can do 40kw. Remember, also, that the DC chargers are much more costly to develop because they need to convert AC to DC at these very high currents. Same problem with the Chademo chargers.

    I say roll on induction charging (no pun intended!) 🙂



    It shouldn’t matter if the charging point can deliver more amps than the Zoe charger is rated at. The car will only take the current that it requires. In the Zoe’s case that it a maximum of 443kW. As batteries are DC devices Zoe has to convert the AC on the Mennekeys connector to DC to charge the battery. The Charging circuitry will have a maximum rate at which it can work. When the batteries get to 80% charge the charging current has to drop as the battery chemistry dictates the rate that it can take the rest of the charge. handshaking from the charger (signal pins) tell the car the maximum current that can be taken from it. This is done to prevent the car taking too much current and tripping the breaker or overheating the charger or cables to the charger. Provided the Zoe recognises the signals from the charger it shouldn’t be a problem but I wouldn’t be suprised if a Zoe firmware update is required if this higher rate charging standard was devised after the Zoe was designed.



    Has anyone found suitable charging points in Kent? I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find that many. I did find that Canterbury Council offer charging points at Park & Rides but you need to get a card from here:

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    I find the map seems out of date. My local Renault dealers in Hillsborough, Sheffield, have a free charger, and there is an new Asda in Huddersfield which has chargers (though the ones I tried there wouldn’t hook up and charge my Zoe Intens) but no mention of these on most charging maps.
    I find the whole business of public charging confusing. There should be one agreed type and these must be guaranteed to work. How many posts tell of chargers out of use, not yet hooked up, or which refuse to function?
    And, if you get to a the only working charge point and someone else has beaten you to it,m how many people have the tim,e to wait around, possibly for a couple of hours, in order to start their own charging.
    You won’t be surprised that I’m sticking to a 40 mile radius of Sheffield at present so that I can charge up where it is guaranteed ie, home.
    I think this whole business is one for central government, preferably in tandem with all European nations, with inspection systems and a rational way of paying for electricity used. Why not with credit or debit cards like most other things, for example.



    I totally agree with you, RichardOfSheffield. The government need to take firmer control over the standardisation and quality control of our new charging infrastructure – rather than just taking the political green brownie points and ignoring the real issues.

    This is a problem that all existing and new EV drivers will experience – should we form some kind of pressure group to let central government know our concerns! Power to the people!


    Trevor Larkum

    The EVDA-UK was created with that it mind – but it doesn’t seem to have done much yet.



    M40 Oxoford Services , the charging stopped after few minutes and refuses to charge my Zoe .
    Had to drive our of my route to locate another charging point



    What message did the car and the charge point show when charge stopped?

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