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    As I’ve stated before, it is not permissible to allow any electrical equipment to generate harmonics and any other forms of interference on the supply mains and if it caused your neighbours similar problems you could be told not to connect your car/charger by the supply company.
    I presume Renault have to formally declare, via the CE system, that their equipment will not cause any interference, so they should be made to cure this problem.
    It is unlikely that the charging point would cause this as the charging electronics are all on the car, so it seems unreasonable to expect Chargemaster to be involved.



    I have been charging using my Chargemaster 7kw charger at home for nine months with no problems. I recently had a 3 phase 21kw charger installed at work and when using this there is a high pitched whistling noise. It seems to be coming from the front of the car but is audible throughout the office. My Zoe charges very quickly but i’m not very popular!!



    My wife and I have recently purchased a second hand Zoe and are experiencing this problem (humming from the microwave whilst charging). It’s driving my wife crazy! Unfortunately as we’ve got a secondhand car, we didn’t qualify for the Chargemaster install and as a result our unit (currently a Rolec tethered 7kW model, but soon to be an EO basic tethered unit – that’s another story) doesn’t have the filter that has been mentioned earlier. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve it? Many thanks in advance.



    I’ve had this with my Rolac, the hum is all over the phone line, its either coming through the house wiring. or is from the RF mobile monitoring transmitter, annoying

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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