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    Sorry I know there are a lot of threads on this but I am having difficulty getting some practical things to try.

    Up until recently the heater on my Zoe has worked ok, a bit strange but I could always get heat from it. But since the temperature has plummeted the heater has stopped kicking out heat. Fans work fine, but only on the hotest setting will it kick out a minimal warm luke warm breeze. Any ideas before I resign myself to booking it in? Anyone else had this happen over the past few days ?



    Discussed at great lengths on Speak EV ….. https://speakev.com/threads/heating-or-the-lack-of.21494/



    Go with Mo, only quick reply may be that some folk say, take Zoe out of Eco to get heater working then switch back.I find duvet coat and thick gloves are the best.Never found a satisfactory Zoe heater.



    Mine started playing up, it’s always on attempting to heat the car but never reaching the temperature. I took it in and they want to refresh the air con gas (don’t see how that would help) and if that fails replace the pump. The noise from mine changed so I think the pump has probably failed.
    It’s booked in for Monday for up to a week so I’ll have a courtesy car. I’ll update when I know more.



    Try my hack for max heat in normal mode.

    I’ve spent about a year now trying to get to the bottom of this, a few times I’ve managed to get auto heating mode with AC switched off.

    Here is the way to set it up (Kudos to all the members on RZOC who tested my various iterations of this while I was trying to work out the hack).

    1. Start car.
    2. Dial desired temp and press auto
    3. Press AC off and wait a minute.
    4. Switch car off, lock up and go away for a while.
    5. Go back to car, unlock, start car.
    6. Press windscreen max and then press it again.

    Once in place this hack will remain persistent on restarts, you can change temp but if you press any other heating buttons it will go back to normal and you’ll need to follow above process again if you want auto with AC off.

    My car is always toasty! Currently running it at 19-20 degrees as its so warm.



    The dealer fixed it. Turns out it was just the air con gas. They found the leak and said they’ve sealed it and added in 100g of gas and I now have heat 🙂 and it was all under warranty which only has just over a month left.



    Just bought (as in last week) a second-hand 65-reg Zoe, and having heating problems! My old 64-reg Zoe (sadly written off) had no issues with heating at all, in ECO mode even. We could get it nice and toasty even if it was icy-cold outside.

    Not so my 65-reg. I’ve tried various combinations of all the buttons and the most we can get is sort-of lukewarm if ECO mode is off. It’s really cold! The lack of heat also means that my charging flap has frozen up twice while I’ve been driving.

    I mostly love the Zoe, but feel a bit miffed that the dealer (Richard Sanders, Northampton) didn’t make sure the heating worked before selling it to us.

    Or am I doing something wrong??



    released a video on this now

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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